Automating the stamping process, this specialized coil feeding setup is skillfully crafted to streamline operations for a 220T high-speed press. The setup ensures materials are meticulously enveloped in a protective plastic film on either the top or bottom side, with the added benefit of dual-sided lubrication.

State-of-the-Art Hydraulic Decoiler and User-Friendly Loading Trolley

Employing a user-friendly loading trolley, decked with a sliding base and standing handle button, this innovative system brings simplicity to complex operations. The hydraulic decoiler, a central element of the setup, handles tasks such as expansion, loading, and transferring with ease. The system boasts:

  • Coil load capacity: 10 tons
  • Coil drum expansion approach: Hydraulic
  • Pressure arm: Pneumatic
  • Coil dimensions: Inlet/outer 480-520mm – 600 compatible/1400mm
  • Trolley type: Hydraulic

Additionally, drum units are present to ensure smooth uncoiling of materials.

Innovative Loop Sensing Control Mechanism

Positioned strategically between the hydraulic decoiler and leveling apparatus, this innovative control mechanism is facilitated via a diffuse photoelectric sensor. To eliminate any manual intervention during the coil feeding process, a cylinder-driven folding table is included.

High-Performance Thick Plate Leveling System

Featuring nine leveling rollers – a composition of five bottom and four top rollers – this system brings optimum performance. The system encompasses:

  • Drum diameter: 63mm, support roller/100mm supporting 100mm
  • Four pressure rollers: Controlled by hydraulic cylinders
  • Plate width capacity: 120-800 mm
  • Plate thickness capacity: 0.4-2.2 mm
  • Maximum thickness width: 2.2 mm

Efficient Plastic Film Application System

Positioned behind the leveling machine, this system ensures a meticulous application of plastic film to either the upper or lower side of the material. The system features:

  • Upper and lower plastic application units
  • Two tensioning rollers per unit
  • A replaceable plate for plastic coil material interchange
  • Manual loading of plastic coil materials via an electric hoist

Second Loop Sensing Control

Situated between the leveling machine and the high-speed NC servo feeder, this control mechanism works via a diffuse photoelectric sensor. To further minimize operator manual intervention during coil feeding, a cylinder-driven folding table is implemented.

Revolutionary High-Speed NC Servo Feeder

The high-speed NC servo feeder, equipped with two parallel feeding rollers, boasts a Mitsubishi servo motor and driver equipped with an encoder for closed-loop control. The system is characterized by:

  • A high-precision 7-inch Weilun touch screen operated by a Mitsubishi PLC
  • Cylinder-controlled guide rollers
  • Feeding roller diameter: 95 mm
  • Feeding pitch adjustment: 0-9999.9 mm
  • Feeding pitch positioning accuracy: ±0.02mm

In conclusion, this advanced coil feeding system, engineered for a 220T high-speed press, brings unparalleled efficiency and performance to the stamping process. Combining state-of-the-art technology and innovative design, this system stands out as a remarkable example of industrial automation.

Coil Feeding System
Coil Feeding System