Understanding Sheet Metal Straightening Machines

Sheet metal straightening machines, commonly referred to as material leveling machines, are integral tools in the stamping automation production process. These machines specialize in straightening the curvature of coiled metal materials with thicknesses ranging between 0.5 and 3.0mm. Due to their similar head structure to UL series material frames and CL series automatic feeding machines, they are often called semi-straightening machines or half-cut leveling machines.

User-Friendly Design: The Key to Efficient Operation

The sheet metal straightening machine is designed for simplicity and ease of use. It features spring-loaded pressure plates and handwheel adjustments with a scale reference. Nevertheless, operators who are new to this equipment should carefully follow proper machine adjustment procedures to achieve stable leveling results and ensure safe, reliable operation.

Step-by-Step Adjustment Procedures for Sheet Metal Straightening Machines

  1. Align the Handwheels: Rotate the four leveling adjustment handwheels to align the scale indicators on both sides of the machine with the required leveling material thickness (Note: The scale on the machine represents material thickness, where 0 signifies full compression, and 3 denotes a 3mm thickness).
  2. Prepare the Material: Cut a 1-meter length of material from the coil on the material rack. Lift the handle on the upper part of the leveling machine head, insert the material into the feed rollers with the upward curvature facing up, and clamp it by pressing down on the handle. Use the inching motion to send the material through the leveling process.
  3. Adjust the Handwheels as Needed: If the material retains its upward curvature after exiting the machine, adjust the front and rear leveling handwheels downward by 0.5mm (subtracting 0.5 from the original pointer position) and re-insert the material for leveling. Continue adjusting the handwheel downward pressure until the material is straight. If the curvature reverses and becomes a downward curve, the upper roller pressure is excessive, and the handwheel should be loosened. Repeat the process until the material is completely leveled.
  4. Initiate Automated Leveling: Once you have achieved satisfactory leveling results with the trial material, insert the coiled material into the leveling machine, turn the switch on the electrical control box to the automatic position, and initiate leveling. The machine will automatically stop when the leveled material touches the L-shaped sensing lever and resume leveling operation after a set time delay (adjustable via the time relay in the electrical control box), synchronizing with the stamping production line for automated performance.

Unlocking the Potential of Sheet Metal Straightening Machines

By following the appropriate procedures and understanding the essential features of sheet metal straightening machines, operators can optimize their use for enhanced production. This comprehensive guide provides the knowledge and steps needed to master the adjustment and operation of these machines, ensuring top-notch results and streamlined automation in the stamping production process.

Sheet Metal Straightening Machine
Sheet Metal Straightening Machine