There are many different kind of punch feeders. According to feeding requirements and material conveying feature and so on, it can be divided into pneumatic punch feeder, roller feeder, NC servo feeders, etc. Customers choose it not only according to punch feeder requirements, but also based on the material feature. Customers can choose NC punch feeder according to the following different material requirements.

NC Servo Roll Feeder

2 NC Servo Roll Feeders with customized frame support

According to the thickness of material to choose feeding machine. Material thickness is a basic parameter we need to know before choose any type of automatic punch feeder. It is necessary to determine the exact thickness range from our customers. If thickness of material within 1.5 mm, we suggest to choose HENLI’s new gripper feeder. If material does not exceed 3.5 m thick, you’d better choose roller feeder or pneumatic punch feeder. The last but not least, HENLI’s NC servo feeder is suitable for a wide range of material thickness, the customized model can reach 9mm thick material.

Based on the material to choose feeding machine. The material is mainly to help us to understand the yield strength and tensile strength of material. And let me know whether any special treatment on the surface of the material or not. If material is soft and high surface requirements. The feeder should use the rubberized roller; if the material is twice processing material, the drum can be additionally processed and processed to the yield slot.

According to length of material to choose feeding machine. Feed length is an important basis for selecting the feeder types. The feeding steps of the gripper feeder, pneumatic feeder and roller feeder are strictly limited. NC servo feeder does not need to consider the feeding length ,because feeding length for NC servo feeder can be reach 9999.99 mm.

According to width of material choose feeding machine. This is the first step to be determined when selecting the type of punch feeder, because only ensure the width of the actual material, and the type of the suitable feeder can be probably selected. The model of machine  is named according to the width of the material. If width of material is exceed 200mm, gripper feeder is not your right choice. If material width is exceed 500 mm, we will advice to choose pneumatic feeder or NC servo feeder, Instead of roller feeder.