In the stamping press feeder, servo feeder, NC servo feeder and other equipment manufacturing industries, all the equipment is composed of one spare parts, so the quality requirements for each small part and accessories are very high. Only for each spare part has strict requirements of matching processing, in the subsequent transfer and use, can ensure the precision stability of each feeder and the overall equipment quality requirements. So accessories determine the quality of the NC servo feeder.

Why accessories is so important to NC servo roll feeders

Gears is one of the most important accessories on NC Servo Feeders

NC servo feeders in the structural design and development, production and manufacturing process, the selection and matching of each spare parts need to be carefully matched and reasonable. Compared with core components such as servo motor, PLC, timing pulley, and feed rollers, eccentric sleeves and bearings are often small in size and often do not attract attention in the design and manufacture of feeders. However, Dongguan HENLI’s NC servo feeder is a high-end refined equipment. Although the spare parts are small, its role in the whole production line cannot be ignored. It is often a spare part that affects the whole production efficiency. In order to achieve the fastest and most accurate feeding function of the NC servo feeder, the rational design and installation of the spare parts is an indispensable part. If not, it will directly affect the operation of the whole machine, and even cause serious punching errors. Rushing, damaging the mold, causing personal injury and so on.

Situation at metal sheet NC Roll Feeders maker manufacturer

Rollers is one of the most important accessories on NC Servo Feeders and other more coil feeding equipments

Some companies do not agree on the machining of small parts of NC servo feeders, but each small spare part of the NC servo feeder affects the performance and quality of the overall equipment. Small parts like eccentric sleeves and bearings, but they act as fixed feed rollers Many manufacturers often ignore the eccentric sleeve when designing the metal sheet feeder, and directly fix the roller with bearings. In the actual use process, when feeding the thickness material, causing the output of the NC servo feeder to be too large, and sliding left and right, cause that the bearing to wear out finally, affecting the actual production of the customer. Some manufacturers who have designed eccentric sleeve installations often do not emphasize the adjustment of the eccentric sleeve when the feeder is assembled. As a result, there is still some clearance after the upper and lower feed rollers are clamped on the side, which directly causes the feed to be inaccurate. The phenomenon of precision deviation. Therefore, in the process of development, production and manufacturing of the feeder, any small part can not be ignored. It is these small deviations that determine the quality of the NC servo feeder.