Hydraulic Coil cart, which is also named of coil car, is the most common device for decoiling work on large and heavy metal coil. You should consider hydraulic coil cart when the coil weight is more than 3 metric ton. Let’s talk about features of coil cart in the following:

auto matic coil cart

Coil car on JC fine blanking feeder

1       Coil Cart Function

Transfer the heavy coil to big shaft on uncoiler machine, which safe guard the worker and save a lot of time.

2       How Coil Cart Work

It is a device that uses the lifting force generated by the uncoiler hydraulic station to overcome the weight of the coil and the material platform to achieve vertical lifting, and uses the torque generated by the decelerating motor to overcome the weight of the coil and the material platform and the friction generated by the guide rail to move horizontally. The weight of the lifted coil and the walking speed are determined by the size of the cylinder and the speed of the motor.

3       Coil Cart Basic Data

coil car

  • Forward and back speed: 4 m/min;
  • loading weight: 3000kg-20000kg
  • Lifting stroke: 300mm
  • Bearing type: V-shaped bearing seat bearing, bearing surface double roller type, the roller surface is treated to achieve wear resistance; the platform is designed with four guide posts to ensure the stability of the material during the lifting process, and there is a roll The anti-blocking plate ensures stable transfer without tipping when transferring small width rolls.
  • Traveling driving power: Taiwan Rongbang gear reduction motor drive sprocket drive;
  • Lifting driving power: Shanghong oil cylinder, hydraulic station provides pressure oil for lifting

4       Instructions For Customization

To improve the production line automation ability, and work with all kinds of uncoiler machine, metal straightener machine, and 3 in 1 servo straightener feeder machine, all main features can be customized. Features includes but not  limited on max. loading weight, forward and back speed, and lifting stroke.