High speed roller feeder as a kind of earlier feeder equipment on the market, it is a widely used feeder in stamping industry, and its usage is second only to air feeder and NC feeder。 Nowadays, with the appearance of NC feeder, it makes the use of high speed roller feeder gradually reduce, but because of its advantages of high speed, durability, economical price, it will still be favored and chosen by more and more customers.

The appearance of high-speed roller feeder solves the shortcomings of traditional manual feeding, such as slow efficiency, poor safety and inaccurate feeding, it has the advantages of high-speed feeding, high precision, low failure rate and affordable price. Now it has basically replaced the market of air feeder.

RFS high speed roller feeder detailed photoes

RFS high speed roller feeder detailed photoes

1       High speed roller feeder structure:

Roller feeder consists of eccentric disc, pull rod, cross joint, rocker arm, roller, one-way device, reverse device, butterfly brake, guide material device, pressure material spring, Pelini, relaxation shaft and relaxation hit rod from top to bottom.

the eccentric disc is fixed on the output shaft of punch machine, the pull rod is driven by the eccentric disc during the upstream and downward journey of the punch, the pull rod is connected with the rocker arm, and the rocker arm drives the roller to realize one-way feeding, the upper end of the pull rod is movably connected with the eccentric disc, and the lower end is connected with the rocker arm, rocker shaft and rollers.

The butterfly brake is located on the side of the working face of the press base, while the reverse device is used to keep the rocker arm and the drum from slight retrogression, so as to realize the accurate feeding step.

2       Principle of High Speed Roller Feeder:

When the roller feeder is used in practice, the eccentric disc of the roller feeder is fixed on the output shaft of the punch through the eccentric disc fixed seat. the pull rod is driven by the eccentric disc by the main shaft at each stroke of the punch, and the pull rod makes the feeder installed on the punch run back and forth, punch is operated by a high point (upper dead point) so that the eccentric disc installed on the main shaft of the punch drives the pull rod to move downward through the pull rod, so that the main axis of the gear connected to the rotating rod and the feeder moves counterclockwise. The required material length is set to be conveyed by clamping the upper and lower rotary drums.

When the punch machine is running from low point to high point, the eccentric disc installed on the main shaft of the punch drives the pull rod and the gear on the feeder to move clockwise along the main axis, to move in the direction of the punch and complete the setting material length, by clamping and conveying of upper and lower rotary drums, to reciprocating accomplish the process of feeding and punching.

3       High speed roller feeder advantages:

  1. High Speed: the number of rotations is proportional to the length of feed, up to 600 times per minute.
  2. Strong applicability: regardless of the width and thickness of the material, it only needs to adjust the feeder to coordinate the die, economical and practical.
  3. Energy saving: it does not need electricity or gas source, and it is connected with the output shaft of the punch press, it is driven by the punch press and saves energy.
  4. High precision: the feeding accuracy is +0.05 mm, if the guide pin is positioned, the accuracy of +0.01 mm can be obtained.
  5. Environmental protection: the machine runs quietly, it does not cause noise in the workplace.

Owing to the high speed roller feeder has the above several performance advantages, plus its economical and practical, neither NC feeder expensive, but also higher precision than air feeder, it has been favored by many enterprises now, if you need feeder, I believe that my company’s high speed roller feeder will be one better choices.