High speed roll feeder is the most popular feeding machine in domestic currently, match with traditional punch\ pneumatic punch\ mechanical punch and high speed punch in stamping production line .It come with low fault rate\ low energy consumption\ high automation\ stable and high speed. But every coin has two sides, high speed roll feeder has strict installation requirements than other type feeder. So when purchase from HENLI, we will send the video to show you how to install correctly and online support.

HENLI’s high speed roll feeder adopts eccentric disk\ rocker arm\ pull rob\ cross joint and driven shaft to drive the feeding roll as the way of feeding. The feeder itself has no power and is powered by an eccentric disk mounted on the output shaft of the punch.

decoiler machine and rfs roller feeder machine

Should pay attention to the following when using:

  • The punch must equipped with an output shaft. Regardless of which press is used, the premise of the installation is that the punch has an output shaft. If the punch does’t with output shaft itself and the customer still require to choose high speed roll feeder. Customer need to ask punch supplier to install the output shaft for the press in advance.
  • Clearly material width\ material thickness and feeding step.
  • Clearly the requirement of punching speed.
  • If the feeding length of high speed roll feeder has a big change, need to readjust the rocker arm. Because the angle between the rocker arm and the pull rob will change. At this time, the pull rob should be rotated to make the angle between the rocker arm and the pull rob become 90 degrees when the punch stops at the dead point position, avoiding the breakage of the rocker arm or the drive shaft.
  • Readjust the feeding height of high speed roll feeder when change mold on the punch. Multiple sets of stamping molds should be used in the stamping production process, and the mold height of different molds are different. Only by ensuring the feeding height of the feeder and the height of the mold are the same, the feeding can accurately and smoothly.