Seyi and Chinfong, two prominent precision punch press manufacturing companies in Taiwan, have gained widespread recognition for their excellence in domestic advanced punch press applications. Seyi punch presses, specifically, are renowned for their remarkable accuracy and user-friendly operation. These presses are typically equipped with automated systems to facilitate continuous stamping production. High-speed roller feeders and NC servo feeders are the commonly utilized feeding devices for Seyi punch presses. Among these options, the NC servo feeder has emerged as the preferred choice due to its convenient step adjustment, superior feeding accuracy, and simplified feeding and relaxing time settings. In this article, we will provide a detailed guide on installing an NC servo feeder on a Seyi punch press, ensuring optimal functionality and seamless operation.

1. Mounting the NC Servo Feeder

To begin the installation process, employ a crane to lift the NC servo feeder and securely fasten it to the alignment fixing plate using M16 hexagon screws and M16 flat washers. This step is crucial for ensuring the stability and proper alignment of the feeder.

2. Vertical Adjustment of Feeding Height

In certain cases where the feeding height does not align with the punch die line, it becomes necessary to adjust the installation plate of the NC servo feeder vertically. To accomplish this, follow the steps below:

  • Loosen the two hexagon screws on the installation plate.
  • Adjust the feeding height adjustment screw located at the lower end of the installation plate.
  • Rotating the adjustment screw clockwise will raise the NC servo feeder, while rotating it counterclockwise will lower it.
  • Once the desired position is achieved, tighten the screw to secure the feeder in place.

3. Electronic Control Box Placement and Connection

Select a suitable position for the electronic control box and establish the necessary connections as outlined below:

  • Connect the electronic control box to the NC servo feeder body using the servo motor plug, pulse wire, and signal wire.
  • Establish connections between the control box and the punch press using the relaxing and feeding signal wires.
  • Lastly, connect the control box to the external power supply utilizing the power cables (R, S, T three-phase) with E serving as the ground wire.

4. Wiring Connections

Ensure proper wiring connections for the NC servo feeder and Seyi punch press:

  • Connect the servo motor plug, pulse wire, and signal wire to the NC servo feeder body.
  • Connect the N24, P24, X0 (relaxing), and X1 (feeding) signal wires to the Seyi punch press.
    • Note: For the NC servo feeder’s test connection, link X1 to P24 for controlling the feeding action via 6a and 6C cam signals. Similarly, connect X0 to N24 for regulating the relaxing action using 7a and 7C cam signals.

5. Power Supply and Grounding

Connect the power cables (R, S, T three-phase) to the external power supply, ensuring proper grounding for the NC servo feeder machine. This step is vital for maintaining electrical safety and equipment functionality.

6. Final Checks and Confirmation

Before commencing operations, perform a comprehensive inspection to ensure all connections are secure and functioning correctly. Verify the following:

  • The NC servo feeder is securely mounted and aligned.
  • All wiring connections, including servo motor plug, pulse wire, and signal wire, are properly established.
  • The N24, P24, X0, and X1 signal wires are correctly connected to the punch press.
  • The power cables (R, S, T three-phase) are connected to the external power supply, with proper grounding in place.

Once all checks are successfully completed and confirmed, the NC servo feeder and Seyi punch press are ready for use, guaranteeing efficient and reliable performance.


With the installation process detailed above, you can seamlessly incorporate an NC servo feeder onto a Seyi punch press. The combination of Seyi’s high-accuracy punch presses and the superior feeding capabilities of the NC servo feeder ensures precise and consistent production results. By following these guidelines, you can optimize the performance of your punch press and enhance your manufacturing processes with improved accuracy and efficiency.

nc servo feeder
nc servo feeder