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About the swing shift production lines with high efficiency,saving material utilization rate of wafer drawing function,can be a variety of coil material by uncoiling,leveling,punching,shift around circular plate is the efficient processing of different specifications of pipeline materials under the sheet metal processing wafer indispensable,behind the set can be added into their own code system good,can be collected into wafer stacking,This Production Line ls Suitable For Motor Stator , Rotor ,Motor Shell Electronic Stamping

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1. The slanting type stamping of the steel strip can be directly performed, thereby reducing the cutting process of the steel strip which is pre-cut into a slender strip, improving the production efficiency, reducing the corner scrap and reducing the waste of raw materials.  

2. The reciprocating movement control device is arranged so that the receiving hopper can cooperate with the action of the upper punch of the stamping die, thereby realizing automatic reciprocating feeding. Therefore, not only the manual unloading operation process is reduced, the labor intensity also reduced, and the production efficiency is improved. It can then reduce the safety hazards and operational error events that may result from manual unloading operations.  

3. A pallet is arranged between the decoiler and the leveling machine, and a pallet is also arranged between the leveling machine and the zig zag servo feeder. And there are many balls and detection probes on the pallet. The detection probe can effectively control and detect the speed of the material entering, thereby adjusting the speed of the decoiler unwinding and the speed of the leveling machine correction, so that the speed of the material forward transportation can be appropriately adjusted to the feeding action of the zig zag servo feeder, with high automation and time saving.

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Composition:Feeding Trolley,Hydraulic decoiler,Precison Sheet Leveling Machine,Coil Pit Transition Bridge,Side Guide Width Adjusting Device,Left Shift Feeding Machine,High Performance Deep Strength Press(Customer Optional),Finished Product Conveyor Belt,Wafer Automatic Stacking Device(Customer Optional),Mechanical Shears/Scrap The Conveyor Belt(Customer Optional)






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