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terminal material receiving machine
  • Product Name:Light-controlled Terminal Material Receiving Machine

  • Model: LJD series

  • Collection Speed(m/min): 20 m/min

  • Collect the number of dishes:1-2

  • Collect direction of rotation:clockwise, counterclockwise

  • Interlayer paper induction method:Electronic induction

  • Electronic receiving induction:Photoelectric induction


Light Control Terminal Material Receiving Machine:This machine is specially designed for automatically collecting and dispensing some precision terminals or terminals that cannot be contacted by induction due to high surface requirements. The feeding and dispensing speed is automatically controlled by the photoelectric displacement sensor and frequency converter based on the proximity of the terminals. The speed can be fast, slow, started, and stopped. The vertical light-controlled terminal material receiving machine is mainly used for collecting and winding some relatively hard and thick terminals.

Advantages of the Vertical Light-controlled Terminal Material Receiving Machine:

1.The electrical control part uses the cooperation of Bamboo Zhong Photoelectric and frequency converter, the speed is uniform and stable, and the terminal products are not easily deformed.

2.The ribbon dispensing adopts electronic induction control, and the ribbon breaking or running out can automatically alarm and stop the machine.

3.There are two ways to collect and rotate in clockwise and counterclockwise directions, and a counter can be optional, to achieve automatic counting and setting.

Terminal Material Receiving Machine
terminal material receiving machine

The structure of the vertical photoelectric control terminal material receiving machine:

1.The vertical terminal photoelectric control receiving machine adopts a double-disc vertical receiving method, suitable for receiving terminal products with high surface requirements, without burning or twisting the terminal products, and with variable speed control, the speed is uniform and stable, ensuring uniform and neat collection, and has the advantages of beautiful appearance, easy operation, and stable and reliable.

2.The machine frame is composed of angle steel and steel plate, and uses chain transmission. The chassis is equipped with brake-style casters, which has the advantages of strong structure, small size, small footprint, easy to move, and stable use.

3.It uses frequency converter to adjust speed, sensor tracking fine-tuning, no paper strip induction stop, and punch control emergency stop function.

4.The operation is smooth, the speed adjustment range is wide, the sensitivity is high, and the fault is low.

5.There are two kinds of receiving rotating directions, clockwise and counterclockwise, with a counter installed, which can be set according to the required quantity, which can greatly improve the efficiency of stamping production and reduce production costs.

6.It uses 220V power supply, which can be used for single-phase and three-phase, and the power supply is widely available.


Model LJD-01  LJD-02A LJD-02B
Collection Speed(m/min) 20 20 20
Collect the number of dishes 1 2 2
Collect weight(kg) 20 20 x 2 20 x 2
Collect direction of rotation clockwise, counterclockwise clockwise, counterclockwise clockwise, counterclockwise
Collecting tray outer diameter (mm) c 650 c 650 c 650
Interlayer paper induction method Electronic induction Electronic induction Electronic induction
Electronic receiving induction Photoelectric induction Photoelectric induction Photoelectric induction

Note: The terminal material receiving machine can be single-disc, double-disc, or double-sided single-disc, double-sided double-disc. It can also be customized according to customer requirements.

It can also be customized as a vertical or horizontal type, please consult us for details.


Working video of double-sided punch oil feeder