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STE-600 | Left-front

STE-600 | Right-front

STE-600 | Right-front

Advantages of Henli Press Machine

  1. Slider guide adopts “high-frequency quenching” and “rail grinding process”; high-frequency quenching: hardness reaches above HRC 48 degrees, guide rail grinding process: surface finish can reach mirror degree Ra0.4, plane height reaches 0.03mm/m*m.
  2. Advantages: low wear, high precision, long precision keeping time and long life. Gear shaft is made of high-strength alloy material 42CrMo, all tooth surfaces are treated with medium frequency, high hardness; tooth surface grinding processing, high precision.
  3. Advantages: small tooth surface wear, high precision of tooth surface engagement and long service life. Ball seat material: sintered TM-3 copper alloy ball seat, the general manufacturer ball seat is ductile iron.
  4. Advantages: High-strength TM-3 copper alloy ball seat, the surface pressure strength is up to 100kgf/cm*cm. During the pressing process, the ball seat and the serrated tooth ball head greatly reduce the chance of jam and prolong the service life. All the copper sleeves of the QIAOSEN press are made of tin phosphor bronze ZQSn10-1, and the general manufacturer uses BC6 (Sen 6-6-3) copper.
  5. Advantages: The strength is 1.5 times higher than that of ordinary BC6 copper, the strength is high, the wear is small, and the precision is kept for a long time. Where the collar is in contact with the oil seal, the surface of the collar is ground and the surface is chrome-plated.
  6. Advantages: the surface finish reaches between Ra0.4 and Ra0.8, it is not easy to leak oil when it comes into contact with the oil seal, and the surface is chrome-plated. The hardness is up to HRC of 48 degrees or more, ensuring long-term use without wear and longer service life of the oil seal. The crankshaft is made of high-strength alloy material 42CrMo, and the general manufacturer’s crankshaft is made of 45 steel material.
  7. Advantages: The strength is 1.3 times higher than that of 45 steel, the service life is longer, and the probability of breaking the crankshaft is greatly reduced. The standard of QIAOSEN crankshaft is produced by professional crankshaft manufacturers(after strict forging, heat treatment, flaw detection, processing, inspection and other perfect processes) to ensure that various quality problems of the crankshaft during the production process are avoided and the quality of the crankshaft is ensured. Wheel static balance test platform, each flywheel is static balance test to ensure that the flywheel reduces the shaking of the press when it is running at high speed. All of QIAOSEN’s open single-point and double-type double-point crank presses, standard oil pressure lubrication pipes are used in diameter 6(other manufacturers generally use diameter 4),the oil pressure lubrication piping of medium and large punch adopts all diameter 8.
  8. Advantages: the pipeline is long, the large passage diameter is not easy to block and rupture, ensuring the safety of the lubricating oil road. In order to ensure that the accuracy can reach the Japanese JIS1 standard, eliminate machining errors, and accumulate errors in assembly, we have specially designed a grinding machine for grinding and repeated grinding to ensure that the precision meets the JIS1 standard, and some local precision even reaches JIS premium standard.

Parameter Table

Item Unit STE-500 STE-500 STE-600 STE-600
Mode H S H H
Punching Capacity ton 500 500 600 600
Slider Stroke Length mm 180 300 300 180
Slider Strokes Per Minute s.p.m 25-50 20-40 20-40 25-50
Impact Force Location mm 5 8 10 5
Maximum Mode Height mm 500 600 600 500
Slider Adjustment Amount mm 150 150 150 150
Up Platform Area mm 2500×1000 2500×1000 2800×1200 2800×1200
Down Platform Area mm 2800×1100 2800×1100 3000×1200 3000×1200
Main Motor Power Kw × P 45×4 45×4 55×4 55×4
Air Pressure Kg/cm2 6 6 6 6
Side Opening mm 1000×700 1000×700 1100×700 1100×700
Platform To Floor Distance mm 1550 1550 1700 1700
Punch Accuracy Grade JIS 1 JIS 1 JIS 1 JIS 1

Performance Features

  1. The high-strength fuselage straucture has small deformation and high precision.
  2. Pneumatic wet clutch brake(integrated):environmentally friendly,non-polluting,low noise and long service life.
  3. The slider adopts four-corner and eight-sided guides to carry large eccentric loads,ensuring long-term and stable maintenance of stamping accuracy.
  4. The slider guide adopts “high-frequency quenching” ten “rail grinding process”,which has small wear,high precision,long precision maintenance time and improved die life.
  5. The use of forced thin oil circulation lubrication device:energy saving,environmental protection,with automatic alarm function,can increase the number of punching by adjusting the amount of oil.
  6. The crankshaft is made of high-strength alloy 42CrMo,which is 1.3 times stronger than 45 steel and has a longer service life.
  7. The copper sleeve is made of tin phosphor bronze ZQSn10-1,which is 1.5 times stronger than ordinary BC6 brass,it adopts high-sensitivity hydraulic overload protection device,which can efficiency protect the service life of punch and die.
  8. Standard Japanese SMC pressure regulator,oil mister,air filter.
  9. Standard touch screen,Simens motor.
  10. Optional mat(air cushion)

Configurations of Henli Press Machine

We follow strict production quality control for every machining parts

with worldwide brand electric parts, you can get quick replacement and after sales a.s.a.p

Standard Configuration

  1. Oil-pressure overload protection device
  2. Electrodynamic-type slider adjusting device
  3. Electrodynamic height indicator
  4. Slider abd die balancing device
  5. Rotated cam switch
  6. Crankshaft angle indicator
  7. Counter
  8. Air source contact
  9. Second falling protector
  10. Air blowing device
  1. Mechanical quakeproof foot
  2. Mis-delivery detection device reserved interface
  3. Main motor inversion set
  4. Photo-electricity safety protection device
  5. Converter
  6. Slider and die balancing device
  7. Touch screen control device
  8. Electrodynamic-type butter lubricating device
  9. Die lighting device

Optional Configuration

  1. Vapor-pressure die backer device
  2. Quick exchange of die device(die lifter,die clamper or die mover)
  3. Cam top material device
  4. Automatic feeding device(feeder,material frame,straightening ,machine)
  5. Foot switch

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