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stamping waste collection machine
  • Product Name:Stamping Waste Collection Machine

  • Model: XF series

  • Air flow(m3/h): 265-530

  • Vacuum (kpa):-26 – -32

  • Fan speed:2980 r/min

  • Noise:<70dB

  • Straw:Length 3m, diameter ¢63mm


The four salient features of the punch waste collection machine are as follows:

1.Environmentally friendly spray coating for rust and wear resistance.

Both the outer and inner waste collection boxes are treated with an eco-friendly spray coating, offering a smooth surface, robust wear resistance, and excellent rust protection.

2.High-quality fan for potent suction.

The machine boasts a pure copper core, imported bearings, and ADC12 material impeller for superior wind power, low noise, ample airflow, high efficiency, and a low malfunction rate.

3.Efficient wind filtration for reliable protection.

A filter mesh is installed at the motor’s air intake, effectively filtering impurities to provide dependable protection for the machine and ensure a lengthy service life.

4.Thermal protection box.

The motor is equipped with overload and overheating protection, effectively preventing damage to the motor.

The six core advantages of the punch press waste collection machine:

  1. Robust suction power
  2. Low noise levels, below 700 dB
  3. Minimal footprint
  4. Safe and stable operation
  5. Low failure rate
stamping waste collection machine
stamping waste collection machine


Model XF-3P XF-5P XF-7.5P XF-10P
Motor (HP) 3 5 7.5 10
Air flow(m3/h) 265 318 530 530
Vacuum (kpa) -26 -29 -30 -32
Fan speed 2980 r/min 2980 r/min 2980 r/min 2980 r/min
Noise <70dB <70dB <70dB <70dB
Straw Length 3m, diameter ¢63mm Length 3m, diameter ¢63mm Length 3m, diameter ¢63mm Length 3m, diameter ¢63mm

Note: Punch press waste collection machinery, customizable with optional inclusions such as frequency converters and silencers.


Working video of stamping waste collection machine