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punch scrap chopper machine
  • Product Name:Punch Scrap Chopper Machine

  • Model: SKH series

  • Function: Its purpose is to chop and cut scrap metal into smaller pieces

  • Material width:100-200 mm

  • Material thickness: 0.05-2.0 mm

  • Maximum weight(kg):35kg-85kg

  • Applicable materials: metal materials such as copper sheet, patch, aluminum sheet, etc.


A punch scrap chopper is a type of machine used in metalworking and manufacturing. Its purpose is to chop and cut scrap metal into smaller pieces, making it easier to handle, transport, and recycle. The machine is equipped with a cutting blade that is typically mounted on a rotating shaft. The blade is powered by an electric motor, and it is designed to quickly and efficiently cut through scrap metal as it is fed into the machine. The resulting pieces of scrap metal can be collected in a container or hopper for further processing or disposal.

punch scrap chopper machine
punch scrap chopper machine

Function: Cutting of scraps such as punched wire, copper sheets, iron sheets, etc.

Applicable materials: Metal materials such as copper sheets, iron sheets, aluminum sheets, etc.

Unique advantage: The height and inclination of the machine can be adjusted freely, and the high-strength blade has a long service life.

Performance advantages of the punch scrap chopper machine:

1.Adopts high-strength blades, durable, sharp, powerful, and the cutting blade operates quietly and can be easily replaced.

2.The structure is stable, can be operated independently, and has a small volume and does not occupy space.

3.The motor adopts a precision gear motor with a long service life.


Model SKH-100 SKH-150 SKH-200
Material width(mm) 100 150 200
Material thickness(mm) 0.05-1.0 0.05-1.5 0.05-2.0
Size(L x W x H) 400 x 340 x 850mm 450 x 450 x 900mm 450 x 450 x 1000mm
Weight(kg) 35 75 85
punch scrap chopper machine
punch scrap chopper machine

Operation and Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance of the Punch Scrap Chopper Machine:

1.This machine requires a three-phase 380V, 50HZ power supply. The new machine has been at least run-in for 24 hours before leaving the factory. A full cup of oil should be added to the yellow oil cup every day when starting work. Especially in the first 7 days of the new machine, oil must be added for lubrication, otherwise, the slide board will easily wear out and the motor will burn.

2.The wiring points in the switch box must not be loose, otherwise, the motor may burn out and affect normal use. Oil and water must not enter.

3.If the machine is cutting relatively thin materials, iron wire may stick to the blade and around the hopper. If found, it should be blown away with an air gun in time, to avoid clogging up and burning out the motor.

4.The blade is demagnetized when it leaves the factory. If there is a strong magnetic property after changing the blade and grinding it, it is better to demagnetize it. This is particularly important when cutting iron materials.

5.The punch scrap chopper machine cuts materials like scissors. The inside blade has a strong output, so it’s easy to cut waste, while the outside blade has a slightly lower output. When cutting some narrow materials, try to choose the side with higher output for feeding, and place a larger piece of iron on the other side to block the movement of the waste.

Working video of punch scrap chopper machine