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punch oil feeder
  • Product Name:Punch Oil Feeder

  • Model: CT series

  • Function: Automatic injection of oil to raw materials during stamping

  • Material width:65-1200 mm

  • Material thickness: 0.1-6.0 mm

  • Maximum weight(kg):1.3kg-10.2kg

  • Oil pot capacity:4L


Punch Oil Feeder:During the stamping process, the punch oil feeder automatically sprays oil on the raw material to effectively lubricate and cool the stamping mold. This not only prolongs the lifespan of the stamping mold, but also better protects the product’s surface smoothness from damage.

A double-sided punch oil feeder refers to a type of lubrication system where oil is supplied to a machine or mechanical component from both sides. This type of feeder is typically used in situations where a high volume of lubricant is required, or where the lubrication points are located at different locations on either side of the component.

The double-sided punch oil feeder system usually consists of a central oil pump, oil reservoirs, a control system, and a series of oil distribution lines or channels that direct the lubricant to the various lubrication points. The feeder system is designed to ensure a consistent and controlled flow of oil to all lubrication points, reducing the risk of friction and wear, and prolonging the life of the mechanical component.

punch oil feeder
punch oil feeder


1.The body of the punch oil feeder is made of aluminum alloy, which has a beautiful and durable surface treatment and a simple fixed base. It is light, beautiful, easy to install, and easy to adjust, suitable for installation on various bodies.

2.The special fine-tuning oil volume design can control the size of the oil volume and reinforce the oil at a fixed point, making it more convenient to use and saving oil.

3.The oil-coated roller material is made of high-density wool felt imported from Japan, which is wear-resistant, oil-absorbing, and has a longer lifespan than general rubber wheel or sponge material. The slice combination design makes maintenance easy.


Model Material width (mm) Material thickness (mm)
CT-65 65 0.1-3.0
CT-80 80 0.1-3.0
CT-100 100 0.1-3.0
CT-150 150 0.1-3.0
CT-200 200 0.1-3.0
CT-250 250 0.1-3.0
CT-300 300 0.1-3.0
CT-1200 1200 0.1-6.0
punch oil feeder
punch oil feeder

For example: CT-300, the length of the wool wheel is 300mm, and it is suitable for oiling the sheet with a width of ≤300mm


Double-sided punch oil feeders can be used with a variety of machines, including metal stamping presses, forging equipment, and other high-volume production machinery that requires continuous lubrication.

In metal stamping operations, for example, the punch and die components experience high levels of friction and wear during the stamping process. A double-sided oil feeder can be used to lubricate the punch and die components, reducing friction, wear, and heat buildup, and prolonging the life of the components.

In forging operations, double-sided oil feeders can be used to lubricate the forging dies, hammers, and other mechanical components, reducing friction, wear, and heat buildup, and ensuring consistent and reliable forging performance.

In general, double-sided oil feeders are well-suited for use in high-volume production environments where machine uptime and reliability are critical factors. By providing consistent and controlled lubrication, double-sided oil feeders can help improve machine performance, reduce maintenance requirements, and prolong the life of mechanical components.

The machines that can be matched are: feeding machine, servo feeder machine, 3 in 1 uncoiler straightener feeder machine.

punch oil feeder
punch oil feeder

Working video of double-sided punch oil feeder