Project Description

Machine Info

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Application Range

Sheet metal stamping / Insulation cup liner stretching / Shoe head / Home appliance accessories / Tableware

Characteristics Of The Equipment

1、R & D for the stamping industry, has extensive compatibility with the stamping industry.

2、With the function of moving materials at different processing planes, it is suitable for gear presses, pneumatic punch presses, hydraulic presses and other occasions.

3、Compact structure, flexible layout and space saving

4、Fast movements, up to 12 to 15 times per minute (depending on the range of motion, mold and press overall performance).

5、Can teach programming, programming time is short, the system is stable, smooth action.

6、Easy to change lines, can be freely combined into a new production line.

7、The operation is convenient, and the operation speed can be adjusted according to the process needs within a certain range.

Data Table

Model SYDR-4A
Axis 4 axis
Repeated positioning accuracy 0.05mm-0.10mm
Radius of activity 900mm-1200mm
Corlor of body White+ dark grey

Design parameters of each axis

Name of axis Y S X R
Operation range 300mm ±135° 450mm ±180°
Max speed 0.94m/s 231°/s 1mm/s 514°/s
Power of motor 750W 750W 400W 400W
Repeated positioning accuracy 0.03mm 0.02mm 0.03mm 0.03mm
Power supply 220V 50/60HZ
Rated power Max 2.7kw
Control mode Manual/automatic mode
Maximum operating efficiency 15 times/min
Handling weight 4kg (including clamps)
Screw Guide Taiwan TBI screw+ Taiwan HIWIN guide

Kindly noted: The actual handling weight depends on the shape and size of products. Max torque is certain, if radius of activity is smaller, then the handling weight can be larger.

Functional Scope

  1. The function of the swinging robotic arm manipulator is to provide a power source for holding (sucking), transferring, and releasing the product by the clamp.
  2. Swinging robotic arm manipulator will change according to different products. The shape and structure of the clamps will change. The supporting clamps are not included in the list of swing arm manipulators and need to be customized.
  3. The swinging arm manipulator may choose other materials such as roll stock, sheet stock, etc., and the feeder or loader may not be included in the list of swinging arm manipulator equipment and shall be additionally customized.
  4. After the swinging arm manipulator removes the molded product from the mold, it can use the conveyor belt or basket to collect the product. Conveyor belts and material baskets are not included in the list of swinging arm manipulator equipment and should be prepared or customized by the customer.

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