Project Description

Machine Info

Characteristics Of The Equipment

1. The power source is from several servo motors . The encoder connected to the crankshaft of the press transmit angle signals to the control system to achieve synchronous movement with the press .

2. It has a misfeed detection circuit to ensure the safety of the mold and machine .

3. The main frame adopts welding structure. Each axis is driven by precision balls screw rods, with high positioning accuracy .

4. The feeding system can adopt three in one feeder, swing feeder or double stack stacking rack .

5. Automatic production, strengthen operation safety, improve production capacity, stabilize product quality, and effectively reduce defect rate and cost .

6. Advanced motion controller and touch type interface control system are used to monitor the angle and abnormal state detection during operation .

7. Various stamping operation parameters can be input, modified and adjusted through the human-machine interface, which is easy to set and maintain .

Data Table

Parameter Note
Clamping Stroke 0 – 200mm It can customized
Carry Distance 0 – 400mm It can customized
Frequence 25 – 35 times per min Need to consider actual carry distance , mould and press situations .
Rod Section 80mm X 80 mm Home-made Aluminum material
Locating Precision 0.2mm
Single Load 3 kg

Case introduction

Zigzag circle blanking production line : Options when progress stamping line : 2in1 Straightener + Zigzag Feeder + Double sides lubricator + 3 axis Transfer + Hydraulic Cutter

3 in 1 decoiler straightener feeder machine with three-axis transfer fingers