Project Description

Small Type Cut To Lenth Line

Material: Cold rolled sheet、Hot rolled sheet、Pickled plate、 Galvanized sheet

Thickness of material: 0.1-0.6mm\0.3-1.5mm\0.5-2.2mm

Model: Heavy duty decoiler、thin plate straightener、NC servo feeder

The composition of the production line:

1.The production line is compact , reasonable and save space.It can save the space of the raw material stacking and the space occupied during production.

2.With a variety of unwinding methods, support different angles and directions of feeding。It can save 15 % production material cost at least.

3.High automation efficiency, low labor intensity, saving labor costs.

4.High feeding accuracy and high quality cutting finished product. The NC servo feeder uses an electronic control system consisting of PLC, touch screen, servo motor and driver. The feeding roller is precisely driven by the servo motor to realize the feeding action. The feeding accuracy can be up to 0.05mm, and it also can achieve automatic correction error function after continuous feeding, ensure accurate feeding shearing.

5.It equipped with separate adjustment handles for testing the cutting line. Not only improves production efficiency, but also ensures the safety of shear production.

6.Easy to test, it’s suitable for diverse processing needs. The operation of the automatic cutting production line only needs to be set on the touch screen of the NC servo feeder, which is quick and convenient, and can set multi-stage cutting according to requirements to meet diversify and efficient production requirements.

Cut To Length Line

Material:Cold rolled sheet, hot rolled sheet, pickled sheet, galvanized sheet

Thickness of material : 0.5-4.5mm

Model: Hydraulic heavy duty decoiler、thick plate straightener、thick plate NC servo feeder

Features of the production line: The thick plate cut to length line mainly use of 0.5-4.5mm medium and heavy plate materials, such as decoiling, leveling, feeding, sizing, cutting and stacking material.
By setting the control on the PLC numerical control system on the thick plate NC servo feeder, the sizing is controlled by the DC motor and the rotary encoder. The customer can input data in the PLC system man-machine interface according to the number of cuts, length and speed. When the number of cuts is reached, the device will automatically stop. The production line can be adjusted, with accurate measurement, automatic work in the whole process, low labor intensity and easy to operation.

3 in 1 Cut To Length Line

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