Project Description

What coil feeder machine is good for the press punching machine? How to match the press feed line? How to match the equipment of the press feed line is ultimately determined by the properties of the stamping material, the characteristics of the stamping process, the type and speed of the press punching machine. It is not possible to simply say which coil feeder machine is best for the press punching machine. It is only appropriate and appropriate to choose according to the characteristics of the punching product.

A complete press feed line is mainly composed of: decoiler machine, coil leveling machine and coil feeder machine.According to the needs of different customers, Henli designs different production line matching schemes for each customer, so that customers can easily configure products and meet the needs of customers, and ensure the rationality and economy of customer configuration.

The most common configuration has four line types.

1.Decoiler machine + servo feeder machine.

decoiler machine

2.Decoiler Machine +Coil Straightener Machine + Servo Feeder Machine.

press feed line

3.2 In 1 Decoiler Straightener Machine + Servo Feeder Machine.

press feed line

4.3 in 1 Press Feed line.

The 3 in 1 press feed line is a machine that integrates uncoiling, leveling and feeding, as shown in the figure.

It is also the type that we will focus on next.

press feed line