Project Description

Pneumatic air feeder is the most economic air feeder among so many coil feeder device. It works well during stamping work and your investment will always be paid back totally in a short time. As you know, some other coil feeding devices, like NC servo feeder or high speed roller feeder, may perform better than air feeder machine, but your investment is big more at the same time. Let’s begin to know about why you should pick air feeder as your choice.

Details of metal coil air feeder machine

  • Model Series:  AF

  • Warranty:  2 Year

  • Supply Ability: 1000 Set/Sets per Month

  • Port: shenzhen/ningbo/shanghai

  • Packaging Details:  standard export wooden cases, sealed with stretch film.

  • After-sales Service Provided:  Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Air Feeder Features
Standard feeding length (width) 0-500mm;
Feed thickness 0.1-3.2mm;
Types of materials that can be delivered: metal, paper tape, PVC plastic;
Available material shapes: circle, triangle, protrusion;

note:There is a maintenance video at the bottom.

Max Feeding Width mm 65 80 100 150 200 450
Max Feeding Length mm 80 80 130 150 200 150
Max  Thickness mm 0.8 1.2 1.5 2 2 3
Air press kg/cm
Speed max. 160 150 93 80 60 25
Fixed stock 27 40 55 78 78 119
Movable stock 49 65.5 72.5 144.5 169 245
Pulling cl.Force kg 16.5 19.5 25.5 41 41 85
Air consup.L/min 38.5 47 58.5 109.5 108.5 185
Weight(include tool)kg 9.6 12.8 19.6 38.4 52.4 200

Detailed Images

Standard type

Add E tpye solenoid valve

Add E and R type solenoid valve

AF With Floor Stand

Air feeders beyond the AF-7C require additional gas tanks

Zig Zag Type Air Feeder

Note: Why do air feeder machine over AF-7C require additional air tanks?
It is because the gas source consumes a lot during operation, and it is difficult for the gas source of the general factory to ensure a stable supply. Therefore, large-scale air feeders AF-8C to AF-12C will be equipped with air storage tanks to supply air to the equipment to ensure stable and reliable feeding accuracy of the air feeder.

Seals and Fasteners of Air feeder machine

Brand Seals and High Quality Fasteners

installing parts of air feeder

Easy Installing Holder Parts

Note 1: The Air Feeders AF-1C to AF-7C are small machines, and the standard accessory accessories are brand seals,high quality fasteners,high pressure gas pipe and easy installing holder parts.

Note 2: The air feeders AF-8C to AF-12C are large machines, and the standard accessories are floor stand, feed solenoid valve, release solenoid valve, and air storage tank.

Different types of pneumatic air feeder machine

air feeder

①Add E-type solenoid valve For feeding function

E-type feeding solenoid valve replaces the original floating rod and is used when the downstroke of the punch is too short or too long for feeding. The use of solenoid valves makes the time adjustment range of the feeder larger and more accurate.

②Add R-type solenoid valve For releasing function

The R-type release solenoid valve is used to control the fixed clamp of the air feeder to release the clamping plate after the mold guide pin is entering the material, so as to cooperate with the mold guide pin to correct the feeding error. In stamping production, it is used when the product requires high feeding precision and the mold has a guide pin.

③Add E and R-type solenoid valves For feeding and releasing

E+R type is suitable for feeding the punch with too short or too long up and down distance, and when the mold has a guide pin that requires high-precision feeding, the solenoid valve is used to loosen the fixed splint to cooperate with the mold to correct the error.

Easy Installation

We Provide ODM Service for you

This video is the solution we made for French customers. The customer is making construction hardware accessories. The uncoiler, stell leveling machine and the air feeder are combined with the stamping production line, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the customer’s factory.

Safety Sock Ensure Fast Delivery Date


When your air feeder is in trouble, how to solve it?

When your air feeder is leaking and don’t know how to fix it, click on the first video.
When your air feeder is not working, please click on the second, third video in sequence.
If your air feeder is still not functioning properly, please contact us and we will help you out.

Note1:It is not recommended to use an air feeder for pulling materials.

The reason is that the stamping efficiency is low and affects the quality of stamping products.To learn more, please click on the article below.

NC servo feeder is the best way to solve the difficult problem of thin material feeding.