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Decoiler with Hydraulic Expansion Cylinder (Export to Spain). HENLI always provides high quality machine for you.expansion cylinder is famous japan brand YUKEN, and electronical components for expansion control and decoiling control are from germany brand Schneider.


Decoiler is suitable for all kinds of coil material feeding, no matter “COVAR” alloy or other pure material. Decoiler works together with the straightener is normal; non-motive style is available as long as you need. The maximum load is 20 ton. And the m aximum material width is 1800mm. Decoilers are always our best-sellers because many customers order most, which made us design more and more good-look and high-quality uncoilers for all of our clients. The special equipment (selective) has material pressing arm, oil pressure expansion style, oil pressure feeding device and motor adopted speed adjustable style. These special equipment will cost more, and please send inquiry to let us choose the most suitable selective for you~

  1. The main body is welded by steel plate, and is annealed and polished after welding. Strong rigidity and good appearance. The key components are made of high-strength castings and supported by long-distance bearings to ensure the firmness and stability of the whole machine.
  2. It adopts motor with reducer control, using belt drive, so that strong function, high reliability and reduced fault.
  3. The support tile adopts four-blade design, the curvature of the tile is consistent with the material I.D. , the surface of the tile is smoothly and wear-resistant, firm and durable, and doesn’t cause any damage on the material during work at the same time.
  4. Electrical components such as AC contactor, intermediate relay and time relays are use well-known brand components to ensure long-term stable production.
  5. The spindle uses a reinforced type, 4seamless tube and after tempering treatment. Even if it is loaded for a long time, it will not cause deformation.
  6. Using a simple electrical control box, the machine is easy to operate.
  7. With heavy loading, simply feeding, and the operation is stable. The induction frame controls the opening and stopping of the decoiler automatically, no manual inspection is required, and high automation.

Data Table

Model # MT- 200 MT- 300 MT- 400
Coil sheet Width (mm) 200 300 400
Coil Weight (Max. Kg) 500-800 800-1000 1000-2000
Coil Inner D. (mm) 450-530 450-530 450-530
Coil Outer D. (mm) 1200 1200 1200
Uncoiling Speed (m/min.) 15 15 15
Shape D. (m) 0.9×0.9×1.2 0.9×1.0x1.2 1.2×1.3×1.3
G.W. (Kg) 500 550 800
Uncoiling Type automated automated automated
Expansion Type Manual Manual Manual
Uncoiling Motor Power 1 HP 1 HP 2 HP

Note: We can Customize inner diameter, outer diameter and max load weight


Motorized Mode

① Unmotorized Model (with Brake Device)

②Motorized Model (with control Panel)

Unmotorized Model: Usually only used for unwinding, rarely used for rewinding. It is basically used in some special fields, such as the punching of shelves, silicon steel sheets and EI sheets with punching machines, or special use with cold bending forming machines.

Features: It can save the floor space (no need to reserve a large waiting area), but the machines used together need to have a lot of traction, and the uncoiled material should not be too thin (too thin will strain the material).


Motorized Model: It can be used for uncoiler or rewinder, and most of them are used together with punching machine, shearing machine, hydraulic press, cold bending forming machine, laser cutting machine, etc. It can independently unwind coils of various widths and thicknesses, and has a high degree of customization.

Features: It is a commonly used model, and has a high degree of customization, a wide range of adaptations, and is easy to match with other machines.

Standard Accessories

①  8 x A shelves

②7-Type Induction Shelf

③Hand Crank Link Type Expansion

1. As for our decoilers, we will equip 4 more A shelves to customers, which is 8 A shelves totally just like the first pic. This can prevent coil from running away.

2. The 7-type induction shelf in the second pic is for inducting automatically feeding.

3. Hand crank in the third pic is used to expand and shrink the coil by link type expansion.

Selective Accessories

①Pressing Arm   Metal Thickness > 2mm or Flexible Material

②Inverter   Adjustable Speed

There are two main selective accessories.

1. If your coil thickness beyond 2mm and it is flexible material, then you need to add a pressing arm so that it can stop coil spreading out.

2. Inverter can offer adjustable speed according to customer’s needs. Last but not least, we can customize inner diameter, outer diameter and weight of our decoilers.

If you don’t know how to choose the right decoiler for you, please click this article. This article will teach you how to choose the decoiler correctly. If you still have doubts, please contact us and we will give you the best buying advice.

Teach you how to choose a suitable decoiler.

More Choice for Decoiler

What should we pay attention to when you want to use the decoiler for rewinding?

1.When the rewinding is waste, the commonly used CR type uncoiler or uncoiler is often selected. It is because the scrap material belt does not have high requirements on the compactness and surface degree of the reeled material belt, so these two types are selected.


2. When rewinding into a finished strip, choose an uncoiler with a custom tensioning device. It is equipped with a tensioning device before the uncoiler, which can provide constant tension for the uncoiler and ensure the stability and compactness of the wound material. At the same time, Henli can also add a pressing arm and a hydraulic expansion device to the uncoiler part to improve the application range of the rewinding material.

In the continuous stamping automatic production line, most of the sheets are not cut off after being punched by the punch, and are still in the form of continuous strips. And this kind of scrap strip needs to be recycled effectively and reliably, which can reduce the production cost while avoiding affecting the stamping production efficiency and workshop environment.

There are two ways to deal with stamping waste material strips. One is to use a scrap cutting machine to automatically cut the material strips and then collect them. The other is to use the uncoiler to rewind the tape into a coil form, which has been introduced earlier.

The scrap cutting machine is mainly used for cutting and collecting scraps and scraps with low hardness such as copper materials and aluminum materials with a material thickness of 0-2.0mm and a material width of 0-200mm.

scrap cutting machine

In addition to conventional decoilers, there are other types of decoilers, such as double-head decoilers, small decoilers, disc decoilers, etc. If you are interested, you can click this article to introduce the classification of decoilers.

Uncoiler Introduction And Classification.

Solution for Customers


Heavy Decoiler Machine Work with Straightening Machine and Shear Cutting Machines.

This line was also made for cutting to length work,and exported to Engypt.

decoiler machine

This is a two-group decoiler customized by a Finnish customer. Among them, the large decoiler is used for placing common materials, and the small decoiler is used for placing copper materials for simultaneous production. It is basically used in some special fields, and needs to be produced and used simultaneously with two different materials during the stamping process.

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decoiler machine
decoiler machine