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Uncoiler machine, this kind of equipment, also called the decoiler, material rack, the loading rack, the unwinding machine, etc., is an indispensable unwinding equipment for the metal coil material to be stamped and processed. Like the feeder, it is also a product that must be used in the factory workshop. Applicable to the continuous stamping processing industry of various auto parts, hardware and electronic parts. We know more about several uncoiler machines, and different uncoiler machines have different characteristics.

In the front, heavy materials can be placed in the uncoiler machine to work together with the punching machine to improve production efficiency; according to the inner diameter of the material, the outer diameter of the rack tile can be arbitrarily adjusted to put the material into its rack;

Uncoiler machine adopts the reducer. The ordinary motor operates together, and the operation mode is belt running. The machine is divided into metal rods for conductive induction. Metal Rod Conductive Induction: Suitable for continuous stamping of various hardware and electronic parts.

Data Table

Model # MT- 200 MT- 300 MT- 400
Coil sheet Width (mm) 200 300 400
Coil Weight (Max. Kg) 500-800 800-1000 1000-2000
Coil Inner D. (mm) 450-530 450-530 450-530
Coil Outer D. (mm) 1200 1200 1200
Uncoiling Speed (m/min.) 15 15 15
Shape D. (m) 0.9×0.9×1.2 0.9×1.0x1.2 1.2×1.3×1.3
G.W. (Kg) 500 550 800
Uncoiling Type automated automated automated
Expansion Type Manual Manual Manual
Uncoiling Motor Power 1 HP 1 HP 2 HP

Note: We can Customize inner diameter, outer diameter and max load weight


Motorized Mode

① Unmotorized Model (with Brake Device)

②Motorized Model (with control Panel)

Standard Accessories

①  8 x A shelves

②7-Type Induction Shelf

③Hand Crank Link Type Expansion

1. As for our decoilers, we will equip 4 more A shelves to customers, which is 8 A shelves totally just like the first pic. This can prevent coil from running away.

2. The 7-type induction shelf in the second pic is for inducting automatically feeding.

3. Hand crank in the third pic is used to expand and shrink the coil by link type expansion.

Selective Accessories

①Pressing Arm   Metal Thickness > 2mm or Flexible Material

②Inverter   Adjustable Speed

There are two main selective accessories.

1. If your coil thickness beyond 2mm and it is flexible material, then you need to add a pressing arm so that it can stop coil spreading out.

2. Inverter can offer adjustable speed according to customer’s needs. Last but not least, we can customize inner diameter, outer diameter and weight of our decoilers.

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decoiler machine
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