Project Description

Product Introduction

1. KF94 mask automatic machine is a fully automatic machine used in the production of KF94 mask. It uses ultrasonic technology to bond PP non-woven fabric and filter layer material, and cuts out the folding mask body. According to the different raw materials used, the masks produced can meet different standards. The ear loop is elastic non-woven fabric, which makes the wearer’s ears comfortable and pressure-free. The filter cloth layer of the mask has good filtering effect and perfectly fits the Asian face shape

2.Equipment features

①、Integrated production, the whole machine automatic operation, simple and fast, this machine only needs one person to operate .

②、Small size and not use much space, aluminum alloy structure, beautiful and strong .

③、PLC programming control, high degree of automation, photoelectric detection of raw materials, avoid errors, reduce waste.

④、Equipped with physical tension controller, the feeding material is smooth without wrinkling, the product size is accurate, and the solder joint is exquisite. It is equipped with SMC cylinder, solenoid valve and titanium alloy mold, which is durable and efficient .

⑤、The whole production line is highly intelligent, which can greatly reduce the number of operators. It has the characteristics of advanced technology, reasonable structure, reliable running, convenient operation and high production efficiency .

Machine parameters

Mask size The popular market design of flat masks,mask design can be customized,like children’s model
Language support Chinese,English
Material Width Suggest width:240mm,Compatible width:260mm
Speed 80-100 pcs/min
Yield rate 99%
Power supply 220VAC, 50Hz/60Hz, 34A, Two-phase electricity
Air supply 0.5∽0.7Mpa(Suggest 20P/15KW Air compressor)
Rated power 7.5kw
Machine size 5705mm x 2053mmx1555mm
Machine weight 1250KG

Machine size chart

The machine can be departed into three parts:the feeding table(1650mm x 700mm x 1555mm)body(2200mm x 600mm x 1204mm)and End(1800mm x 700mm x 1500mm).At the same time,the first part(feeding mount + body)also called mask cutting machine and the second part is called ear-loop welding machine.

1.Top View

2. Floor Plan

3.Working Area

It is recommended that the single machine operation area be 38㎡, which can be divided into aisle, machine occupied area, operation area and packaging area according to the function (as shown in the figure below).In order to make the repair,adjustment and maintenance conveniently,it’s better to keep about 1 meter between the aisle and the machine.

Product Features

The whole machine is composed of the material rack part, the upper nose line part, the shape welding part, the folding forming, the shape cutter part, the turning part, the material dividing part, the ear strap part, and the collecting part.

1. Material frame part: air expansion shaft, magnetic powder brake and controller to ensure that the material tension is not wrinkle.

2. Upper nose line part: the cylinder is welded with ultrasonic wave to fix the nose line with required length to the material.

3. Shape welding part: the mold is matched with ultrasonic wave, and the initial texture welding.

4. Folding: folding fabric

5. Shape cutter part: custom-made cutter, roll-cut forming, at this time the mask is initially formed

6. Flip part: turn the mask over to prepare for ear straps

7. Partitioning: Reasonable distribution, increased production capacity

8. Ear strap part: a special rotating disk for the mask machine industry, which is used to spot weld the ear strap line on the semi-finished mask with ultrasonic, and the mask is formed at this time

9. Collection part: take out the belt, product collection

Production Raw material Suggestion

The traditional KF94 masks have four layers,the middle two layers are meltblown for filtering and other two layers are non-woven .The raw material width is advised to be used 240mm or 260mm.

Number From outer to inner layer(Width 240mm/260mm) Masks Output / Each Kilogram
First Layer Class: SS  50g non-woven(Outermost) 480 pcs
Second Layer Class:99  25g Meltblown 960 pcs
Third Layer Class:99  25g Meltblown 960 pcs
Fourth Layer Class: SS  50g non-woven(Outermost) 960 pcs
Ear-strap Line 3.00MM Ear strap line,Nylon cotton,Recommend round/flat line 2200 pcs
Bridge of Nose Dual core of 0.45mm*3.0mm*1.0mm,Hard Wire+PE/PP Material 1250 pcs

Remark:The above material is only for suggestion.The quality of the KF94 mask is subject to the using material.

Headband Type KF94 mask making machine