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Hydraulic Riveting Machine
  • Product Name:Hydraulic Riveting Machine

  • Model: HD series

  • Motor (HP): 1/2HP-3HP

  • Spindle travel (MM):40

  • Speed (RPM):1400

  • Throat depth (MM):120-200

  • Working pressure(KG/M3):2-7/2-9/20-70/20-100

  • Maximum pressure (KG/M3):230-800/460-1100/430-1650/1400-5500


Salient Advantages of Hydraulic Riveting Machines

Developed based on the principles of cold rolling, these novel riveting devices are designed to mechanically fasten objects using rivets, primarily catering to situations requiring rivet assembly (hollow rivets, semi-hollow rivets, solid rivets, etc.).

Function: Fasten objects using rivets, accomplishing tasks such as flanging, sealing, and connecting processes.

Types of Machines: Pneumatic riveting machines and hydraulic riveting machines.

Distinguishing Features: Adjustable pressure, stroke, speed, and riveting duration.

The Utility Of the Product Is Extensive

primarily employed in the riveting of solid rivets, semi-tubular rivets, and hollow rivets. Applications span across a diverse range of fields, such as electronic equipment enclosures, automotive components, ventilation ducts and valves, and washing machine casings, among others.

Hydraulic Riveting Machine
Hydraulic Riveting Machine


Model HD-141 HD-143 HD-152 HD-155
Motor (HP) 1/2 1 1*2 2*3
Spindle travel (MM) 40 40 40 40
Speed (RPM) 1400 1400 1400 1400
Throat depth (MM) 120 125 195 200
Working pressure(KG/M3) 2-7 2-9 20-70 20-100
Working pressure(KG/M3) 230-800 460-1100 430-1650 1400-5500

Riveting Outcome Depiction

Hydraulic Riveting Machine
Hydraulic Riveting Machine


Working video of Hydraulic Riveting Machine