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Machine Introduction

1. The single-machine multi-station is mainly composed of the main machine, the auxiliary machine, the connecting shaft, the main rod, the fixture and the electric control part;
2. The independent AC servo motor is used for lifting and traversing. The main and auxiliary machines drive the main rod and the clamp synchronously by the reducer, and the main rod and the clamp are traversed as a whole;
3. The main pole is arranged with multiple sets of jaws, and the fault detection sensor is provided, and the state of the workpiece during the transfer process is detected in real time;
4.using PLC and touch human-machine control system, can intuitively view the status and abnormal monitoring, various stamping operation parameters can be input through the man-machine interface,modification, adjustment and setting is convenient, and maintenance is simple;
5. It is suitable for the transmission of multiple sets of single-process molds in the step-by-step molding process under the same press.

Data Table

Model SSR-350/450/550/650
Stroke(mm) 0-350/0-450/0-550/0-650
Lift-Off Stroke(mm) 60
Stroke Accuracy(mm) ±0.2
Max Speed(spm) 17(Vary according to press and mold coinditions)
Max. Single Arm Loading(kg) 3

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Hydraulic streching + single-arm multi-station robot production line

The UL 2-in-1 decoiler and leveler, NC servo feeder, 4-axis swing arm manipulator, and single arm manipulator on this production line are all our own technology, independent research and development, independent production, and the control system can be seamless connectivity, high efficiency and stability, avoiding the incompatibility of different brands of operating systems, and reducing subsequent maintenance costs.