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Horizontal Tapping Machine
  • Product Name:Horizontal Tapping Machine

  • Model: 4508 / 6516 / 6532 series

  • Spindle diameter:Φ42/Φ70/Φ85

  • Spindle taper: B16 / MT2/ MT3

  • Spindle travel (MM):45/65/65

  • Spindle speed:1340/760/420 – 505/285/155 – 280/100/50

  • Spindle motor power(KW):0.75/4HP – 1.5/2HP – 2.2/2HP

  • Maximum Tapping Capacity:S45C/M8 – S45C/M16 – S45C/M32


Salient Advantages of the Horizontal Tapping Machine:

  1. Effortless operation, eliminating the need for manual workpiece fixation.
  2. Equipped with an automatic reversing mechanism.
  3. Adjustable high-precision tapping stroke.
  4. Exhibits remarkable precision, vertical stability, and smooth operation, capable of producing minute and ultra-fine threads unattainable by conventional threading machines.
  5. Custom-designed push-button switches and specialized motors undergo rigorous testing, ensuring robustness and durability.

Gear tapping machines are extensively employed in industries such as mechanical manufacturing, instrumentation, and hardware tools, demonstrating remarkable adaptability to various materials.

Gear Tapping Machine
Horizontal Tapping Machine
Horizontal Tapping Machine


Model 4508 6516 6532
Spindle taper B16 MT2 MT3
Spindle travel (MM) 45 65 65
Spindle outer diameter Φ42 Φ70 Φ85
Spindle speed 1340/760/420 505/285/155 280/100/50
Spindle motor power(KW) 0.75 1.5 2.2
Maximum Tapping Capacity S45C/M8 S45C/M16 S45C/M32


Gear Tapping Machine
Gear Tapping Machine


Working video of Gear Tapping Machine