Project Description

  • Model: RFS-305NS
  • Release Method: Mechanical
  • Feeding Line Height: 55-100 mm
  • Feeding Width Max.: 300 mm
  • Sheet Thickness Max.: 0-1.6 mm
  • Net Weight: 103 Kg

Model Specifications

Advantages of the High-Speed Mechanical Feeder:

1.Productivity: Suitable for automatic feeding in multi-engine continuous mold processing.

2.Versatility: Regardless of the width and thickness of the material, simple adjustment of the feeder to match the mold allows for easy use.

3.Energy-saving: The press machine is directly driven and does not consume electricity or gas energy, achieving significant energy-saving and carbon reduction effects.

4.High precision: The precision of the machine varies depending on the rotational speed and feeding length, generally achieving an accuracy of ±0.05mm. With the addition of guide pins for positioning, accuracy can be improved to ±0.01mm.

5.Customizability: The machine can be designed and manufactured based on the properties of the customer’s materials, such as non-standard profiles, electroplated bright plates, and various special materials.

Structural Features of the High-Speed Mechanical Feeder:

1.Eccentric Disk: The new design of the eccentric disk not only ensures the safety of the feeding scale ring by preventing it from falling off or dropping into the mold but also makes the adjustment of the feeding distance more sensitive, accurate, and with zero clearance, saving time for mold adjustment and improving production efficiency.

2.Cast Iron Base: This is a new and convenient way of fixing the feeder. It is easy to install, firm, and does not affect the accuracy of the punch press feeding shaft and the maintenance of the punch press.

3.Transmission Bar: It is an adjustable and retractable design to prevent the bar from being too long or too short, which could cause the machine to break and result in work-related injuries.

4.Material Line Height Indicator for the Feeder Main Body: It allows operators to clearly compare the material line height of the feeder main body with that of the mold and adjust it accordingly, making it convenient and time-saving for mold assembly without requiring additional measurements.

5.Improved Reversing Device: It improves efficiency by 50%, has a better anti-reverse effect, higher stability, and more precise feeding accuracy.

6.Rollers: Made of high-quality materials with excellent wear resistance, they undergo HRC60 heat treatment and are then chrome-plated and rounded, with high hardness, wear resistance, and long service life. The hollow design reduces the rotational inertia and allows for timely and precise stops to ensure feeding accuracy.

7.One-way body and gears: They undergo HRC60 heat treatment and precise grinding, with embedded hard alloys and coupled with rolling bearings, providing wear resistance, stability, high precision, and long service life.

8.Disc Brake Device: It uses wear-resistant brake pads, high-quality clutch pads, and has a long service life, high precision, and stability.


Model Width/mm Space Length
Thickness/mm Feed Line height
RFS-105NS 100 50 0-1.6 55-100 64
RFS-205NS 200 50 0-1.6 55-100 87
RFS-255NS 250 50 0-1.6 55-100 95
RFS-305NS 300 50 0-1.6 55-100 103
RFS-355NS 350 50 0-1.6 55-100 111
RFS-405NS 400 50 0-1.6 55-100 120
RFS-455NS 450 50 0-1.6 55-100 131
RFS-505NS 500 50 0-1.6 55-100 141
RFS-555NS 550 50 0-3.5 55-100 151
RFS-605NS 600 50 0-1.6 55-100 161
RFS-138NS 130 80 0-1.6 60-120 76
RFS-188NS 180 80 0-1.6 60-120 84
RFS-1310NS 130 100 0-3.5 70-140 142
RFS-2010NS 200 100 0-3.5 70-140 155
RFS-3010NS 300 100 0-3.5 70-140 180
RFS-4010NS 400 100 0-3.5 70-140 200
RFS-5010NS 500 100 0-3.5 70-140 220
RFS-6010NS 600 100 0-3.5 70-140 240
RFS-7010NS 700 100 0-3.5 70-140 260
RFS-1315NS 130 150 0-3.5 70-140 143
RFS-2015NS 200 150 0-3.5 70-140 156
RFS-3015NS 300 150 0-3.5 70-140 181
RFS-4015NS 400 150 0-3.5 70-140 201
RFS-5015NS 500 150 0-3.5 70-140 221
RFS-6015NS 600 150 0-3.5 70-140 241
RFS-7015NS 700 150 0-3.5 70-140 261
RFS-1320NS 130 200 0-3.5 70-140 146
RFS-2020NS 200 200 0-3.5 70-140 159
RFS-3020NS 300 200 0-3.5 70-140 184
RFS-4020NS 400 200 0-3.5 70-140 204
RFS-5020NS 500 200 0-3.5 70-140 224
RFS-6020NS 600 200 0-3.5 70-140 244
RFS-7020NS 700 200 0-3.5 70-140 264
RFS-2030NS 200 300 0-3.5 100-190 223
RFS-3030NS 300 300 0-3.5 100-190 251
RFS-4030NS 400 300 0-3.5 100-190 279
RFS-5030NS 500 300 0-3.5 100-190 307
RFS-6030NS 600 300 0-3.5 100-190 335
RFS-7030NS 700 300 0-3.5 100-190 363

Detailed Images


①With a high-speed press:

Improved productivity: The high-speed mechanical feeder can match the working speed of a high-speed press, allowing materials to be quickly and accurately fed into the stamping die, significantly improving productivity.

Reduced errors: The high-precision feeding of the high-speed mechanical feeder can reduce errors and improve the quality of the finished products.

Energy-saving: The simple transmission method of the high-speed mechanical feeder does not require external energy, saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.

②With a pneumatic punch press:

Power-saving: Compared to traditional presses, the energy consumption of pneumatic presses is lower. When used with a high-speed mechanical feeder, it can further reduce the consumption of electricity and gas, improving energy utilization efficiency.

Strong adaptability: Pneumatic presses can adjust their force within a certain range to meet the processing requirements of different materials. When used with a high-speed mechanical feeder, they can provide higher processing accuracy and stability.

Easy operation: The operation of a pneumatic press is simpler than that of a traditional press, only requiring pneumatic control to complete stamping operations. When used with a high-speed mechanical feeder, it can further reduce the difficulty and complexity of stamping operations.

The Decoiler Machine+High-Speed Roller Feeder production line offers several advantages for manufacturers, including:

Increased productivity: The production line allows for automatic feeding of metal strips or sheets at high speeds, which can significantly increase production efficiency and output.

Improved precision and accuracy: The high-speed roller feeder provides precise and accurate feeding, ensuring that the material is cut and formed into the desired shape with consistency and accuracy.

Greater flexibility and versatility: The production line is suitable for a wide range of materials and thicknesses, and the feeder can be easily adjusted to match the requirements of various manufacturing processes.

Lower labor costs: With the automatic feeding system, the need for manual labor is reduced, which can lower labor costs and free up workers to perform other tasks.

Enhanced safety: The automatic feeding system can reduce the risk of work-related accidents, especially those related to manual feeding.

Energy efficiency: The high-speed roller feeder is designed to be energy-efficient, with a simple transmission method that does not require external energy, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Horizontal Decoiler+Precision Straightener+High Speed Roller Feeder

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