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gripper feeder
  • Product Name:Micro High Speed Gripper Feeder Machine

  • Model: GS series

  • Function: high speed feeding

  • Material width:00-150 mm

  • Material thickness: 0.1-1.5mm

  • Maximum feeding length(mm):60,120

  • Feeding angle: 180°

  • Relaxation angle: adjustable

  • Feeding direction: from left to right


High speed gripper feeder, automatic feeding of 0.1-1.5mm materials (feeding speed up to 1200 times/min), suitable for high-speed punching with high-speed press punching machines, such as terminal punching and small electronic parts production lines.

gripper feeder
gripper feeder

1. The feeding method of uninterrupted conveying coil material is suitable for high-precision stamping processing production. The production speed can reach 1200 times per minute, which significantly improves production efficiency.
2. The main structure of the machine is designed in one piece, which can effectively avoid the impact of feeding accuracy due to resonance during high-speed stamping.
3. Step adjustment adopts scale adjustment. The operation is intuitive and clear, easy to learn, and the operator can easily adjust to the required feeding length.
4. The whole machine adopts belt drive. The mechanical parts are very quiet when running, which will not increase the noise pollution in the factory.
5. Adjust the appropriate clamping force according to the characteristics of the coil material. With stable action, it will not cause any indentation or deformation on the surface of the material. Stamping enterprises that are sensitive to materials such as stamped and electroplated materials, red copper, aluminum alloys, alloys, or secondary processing, can obtain high-quality stamped products.
6. Simple installation, fast adjustment and easy operation. The length of feeding can be adjusted during continuous stamping.

1. Thickness adjustment only needs to be rotated according to the thickness of the material.
2. To adjust the loosening device, you only need to rotate it according to the position of the inner guide of the mold.
3. The feeding length is adjusted by the crankshaft eccentricity.
4. The upper pressing plate is air pressure type (pressure can be adjusted). When installing materials, the upper and lower platens are opened and closed by the manual switch of the air valve.
5. Lubrication method: the gear box part, the fixed seat transmission device, and the transmission spindle are all oil tank type. Other bearing parts are oiled with butter.
6. It can be connected with the cooling circulation oil system of the punch press machine to reduce the working temperature of the mechanism (optional).
7. A clamping device that can simultaneously feed coils of different widths and thicknesses can be designed according to requirements.


Model GS-906N GS-1512N
Material width (mm) 0-90 0-150
Feeding length (mm) 60 120
Material thickness (mm) 0.1-1.5 0.1-1.5
Feeding angle 180° 180°
Relaxation angle adjustable adjustable
Feeding mechanism crankshaft drive crankshaft drive
Feeding direction from left to right from left to right

The high speed gripper feeder is suitable for molding and processing of integrated circuit modules, motors, transformer cores, and metal containers. There are also coil feeding in the electronic industry such as electrical terminals and zippers.

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