Project Description

Machine Info

gear feeder
  • Product Name:High Speed Gear Feeder Machine

  • Model: GCD series

  • Function: High speed and high precision feeding

  • Material width:150-400 mm

  • Material thickness: 0.35-1.5 mm

  • Feed length:11.5~240 mm (others are specific products)

  • Feeding angle: 180°

  • Relaxation angle: 135°~195°


The high speed gear feeder is a synchronous feeding device specially designed for high-speed feeding. It is mainly used for punching silicon steel sheets, EI sheets with cold-rolled sheets as raw materials, motor stator and rotor sheets, ballast sheets, etc., which require high-speed processing and high-precision feeding. The one-piece box structure is strong and durable.

gear feeder
gear feeder

1. The high-speed gear feeder is the cam feeder, which is mainly used with the double-head uncoiler and S-type leveler. It is suitable for stamped products that require high-speed processing and high-precision feeding.
2. There is no need to adjust the feeding step distance, and the feeding distance can only be changed by gears. The change of feed distance is made by the transformation of 1-4 gears.
3. The intermittent feeding method driven by precision cam.
4. Only the lower roller is driven, while the upper roller is pressed by a spring.
5. When inserting materials, the upper and lower rollers can be loosened by the manual switch of the air valve.
6. The upper and lower rollers are plated with hard chrome, and the hardness reaches above HRC60.
7. The relaxation device is an eccentric cam, so the relaxation angle can be adjusted freely from 0° to 180°.
8. Special orders can be made according to the different rotation directions of the punch processing shaft.
9. The box-type structure is adopted, which is compact and not easy to deform.

Data Table

Model GCD-150 GCD-200 GCD-250 GCD-300 GCD-400
Material thickness (mm) 0.35 ~ 1.5 0.35 ~ 1.5 0.35 ~ 1.5 0.35 ~ 1.5 0.35 ~ 1.5
Material width (mm) 150 200 250 300 400
Feed length (mm) 11.5~240 11.5~240 11.5~240 11.5~240 11.5~240
Number of divisions (mm) 2 ~ 12 2 ~ 12 2 ~ 12 2 ~ 12 2 ~ 12
Feeding angle 180° 180° 180° 180° 180°
Relaxation angle 135°~ 195° 135°~ 195° 135°~ 195° 135°~ 195° 135°~ 195°
Feeding direction from left to right from left to right from left to right from left to right from left to right

Note: We can Customize material thickness material width and feed length.


gear feeder

Silicon steel sheet stamping production line, also known as stator and rotor stamping production line. It is a matching type specially designed for the processing and production of EI sheet, motor stator and rotor, and silicon steel sheet. It consists of double-head uncoiler (usually unpowered), S(U) high-speed leveler, high-speed gear feeder and progressive die with high-speed punching machine. The silicon steel sheet coil is placed on the double-head uncoiler, leveled by the S-type high-speed leveler, and then sent to the high-speed gear feeder. The coil material is fed into the high-speed punching machine equipped with a progressive die through the gear feeder, which can fundamentally reduce the impact of changing the coil material on the stamping production efficiency. Realize synchronous high-speed leveling and feeding to ensure efficient production of silicon steel sheets.