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Gear Tapping Machine
  • Product Name:Gear Tapping Machine

  • Model: 4508 / 6516 6532 series

  • Table size (MM): 220*230 / 340*380 / 340*380

  • Column outer diameter:Φ60 / Φ85 / Φ95

  • Spindle outer diameter:Φ42 / Φ70 / Φ85

  • Spindle taper:JT6 / MT2 / MT3

  • Spindle travel (MM):45-65

  • Spindle motor power(KW):0.75 / 1.5 / 2.2

  • Maximum Tapping Capacity:S45C/M8 – S45C/M16 – S45C/M32


Introducing the Gear Tapping Machine

The gear tapping machine operates through the coordination of the spindle gear and the main spindle. As the gear completes one rotation, the spindle advances downward by one thread pitch (one revolution per thread pitch). During the return stroke, the spindle reverses direction and retracts along the same path, effectively preventing thread stripping and breakage. This process results in aesthetically pleasing threads with high precision, while eliminating the risk of workpiece displacement.

Advantages of the Gear Tapping Machine

1.The main spindle and gear tube undergo traditional machining processes and are tempered through quenching, ensuring long-lasting, high-precision performance.

2.The base, column, and spindle box are crafted from high-quality cast iron, treated with aging and tempering to guarantee sufficient strength and operational accuracy.

3.The motor wheel and spindle wheel are dynamically balanced for smooth, high-speed operation.

4.The machine features a durable thread pitch, with gears that are easy and convenient to replace.

5.The gear transmission utilizes single-sided, gapless tooth contact, producing threads that conform to the tooth gauge inspection with each revolution.

Gear tapping machines are extensively employed in industries such as mechanical manufacturing, instrumentation, and hardware tools, demonstrating remarkable adaptability to various materials.

Gear Tapping Machine
Gear Tapping Machine
Gear Tapping Machine


Model 4508 6516 6532
Table size (MM) 220*230 340*380 340*380
Column outer diameter Φ60 Φ85 Φ95
Spindle outer diameter Φ42 Φ70 Φ85
Spindle taper JT6 MT2 MT3
Spindle travel (MM) 45 65 65
Spindle motor power(KW) 0.75 1.5 2.2
Maximum Tapping Capacity S45C/M8 S45C/M16 S45C/M32


Gear Tapping Machine
Gear Tapping Machine


Working video of Gear Tapping Machine