Project Description

  • Equipment Overview:

One out type full automatic flat disposable mask making line include one set of mask body machine , one set of 7 servo ear-loop welding machine , control system , etc.

High Speed, Low noise,Easy to operate and after leaving the factory, you can start production without debugging.Conformity Rate exceeds 99.5%.

  • Equipment installation and configuration requirements

(1).Equipment Dimension:(L)4700X(W)3500X(H)2000mm。

(2).Working Power Supply:Equipment 220V±5%,50Hz,Rated Power10.5KW。

(3).Air Compression:5-6kg/cm²,Usage rate 300L/min。

(4).Operating Environment:Temperature 10-35℃,Humidity5-35%HR ,No combustible or corrosive gas, no dust (cleanliness no less than 100000).

  • main technical parameters:
Model RPH-V11
Speed 95 – 120 pcs/min(One drag one type)
Mask Size (L)175mm  X  (W)95mm
Non-woven width 200mm
Related Material Non-woven fabric,filter,nasal clip,elastic cord
Mask Structure Outer Ear Loop
Stack Quantity Programmable
Capacity 10.5KW
Ultrasonic frequency 20KHz
air compression 5-6kg/cm²,Usage rate about 300L/min
voltage 220V,50Hz
Dimension (L)4700X(W)3500X(H)2000mm
Weight About 1300kg


  • Main Performance characteristics:

(1)One drag one full-automatic flat disposable mask machine, using PLC control system to make materials from coil material loading, folding and pressing, nose rib material loading, ultrasonic welding, mask forming, mask cutting, ear band material loading and welding, finished product blanking. Once completed, the whole set of production process automation operation, continuous and efficient.

(2) Intelligent control platform, convenient and quick setting of human-machine interface parameters. Simple and easy to learn operation, one person can operate multiple sets at the same time.

(3) High production stability, low failure rate and small floor area.

(4) When the coil and the nose bar are short of material, photoelectric (optical fiber) detects the raw material and automatically stops the machine to avoid waste.

(5) The ear band is automatically welded by ultrasonic. The welding ear belt machine adopts 7 servo bus control, stable and high speed.

(6) Stacking quantity parameters of finished products can be set to meet different packaging requirements.

 With packing machine

Full automatic disposable mask machine is connected to the automatic packaging machine to maximize production efficiency. It is suitable for automatic packaging of single-piece or multi-piece(1-10pcs/bag) masks.

Machine Features


2.Low noise

3.High Efficiency

High strength and high precision main frame servo drive mechanism.

1.High strength automobile connecting rod is used as the connecting part.

2.High precision Japan(Taiwan) brand servo and slide rail provide power drive .

3.The whole mechanism is made of lightweight aluminum alloy with low noise and no pollution.

Stable earloop welding mechanism

1.High standard processing technology makes the height error of each welding head within 0.005mm.

2.Special welding head material makes the pattern surface smooth without burr, firm and durable, and does not stick to ear strap and mask.

3.The earloop clamping claw adopts asymmetric structure, which makes the opening larger and makes it difficult missing the ear band .

Overall structure is light and simple

1.Food grade stainless steel and aluminum alloy are used in contact with the mask, which is clean and free of metal pollution .

2.Low noise and minimal vibration.

3.The efficiency can reach 95-120pcs / min, and the stable yield rate is more than 99.5%

Focus on details of customer experience

1.Earloop scissors are made of commercial products with wide market coverage, which can be easily installed and adjusted, and greatly reduce the cost of consumables.

2.The discharge tray of the mask adopts the design of barb to prevent the defective products caused by the separation of the mask.

3.The joints of moving parts disposed to prevent loosening, so as to improve the operation rate of the equipment .

Mask body printing machine

Comparison of machines of 4 rollers,1 Ultrasonic(A) and 6 rollers,2 Ultrasonic(B)

Materials shelf


1. Materials shelf distance to body machine is big , The transition section of cloth is long, which is easy to lead to material deviation.
2.The material shelf overall center of gravity is high and easy to shake.


1. Integrated installation of materials shelf and body machine ,Short transition section, stable and easy feeding . One minute to load material , efficient and comfortable .

Mask folding


1.Sheet metal and wrinkle wheel separation is adopted, the advantages is easy assembly , but when running high speed, it is easy to break pieces when shut down the machine. When change fabric or folding depth is shallow, it is easy to disperse (Folding depth should be shallow when the fabric is narrow).


1.Integrated structure, the contact surface between folded sheet metal and cloth is long enough, the stability is very high after adjustment, and the mask is flat.
2.Suitable for most fabrics on the market.

Nose Bar


1.The nose bar is easy to be blocked and position offset
2. The position is adjusted through wheels and not convenient .


1.After continuously optimized in the nose bar section , improve the stability . Time for replace material is shorter and the scraps are controlled within 2-3 pieces
2.The sliding block design can quickly clean up the accumulated leftovers.
3.Nose bar position adjust by screw , easy for operation .

Mask Body Welding


1. The integral welding of the long and short sides of the mask will affect the overall welding effect after the welding wheel is worn.


1.Long and short sides welding separately.
2.Welding wheel can adjusted independently according to the fabric direction .

3.Two ultrasonic improve the welding speed , it can be 250-350pcs/min .

4.Mask flatness more even .

Quality of Mask


1. The mask is fluffy, which is not conducive to stacking and increases the cost of labor and packaging .


1.The mask is flat and hard. It can stack more than 25pcs, and the later packaging volume will be reduced by about 1 / 3.

Although the material rack on our Mask body printing machine has the function of stabilizing the tension of the decoiler, we can also provide it if you want to add Deviation rectifying device.

Advantages of servo motor when using in face mask making line:

  1. Accuracy: Achieve closed-loop control of position, speed and torque; overcome the problem of stepping motor out of step;
  1. Speed: good high-speed performance, generally rated speed can reach 2000 ~ 3000 rpm;
  1. Adaptability: It has strong anti-overload capability and can withstand a load three times the rated torque. It is especially suitable for occasions where there is instant load fluctuation and quick start is required;
  1. Stability: The low-speed operation is stable, and the low-speed operation will not produce the stepping phenomenon similar to the stepping motor. Suitable for occasions with high-speed response requirements;
  1. Timeliness: the dynamic response time of motor acceleration and deceleration is short, generally within tens of milliseconds;
  1. Comfort: heat and noise are significantly reduced.

Advantages of Panasonic PLC programming system

1. Online operation with the Mask printing  machine, one-key operation to start and stop, easy to operate.

2.There is a cumulative production report, the name of the operator can be set, the production report within a month can be tracked, and the time can be extracted at will,which is more convenient for the production management of the factory.

3.Online alarm processing. For example, if an alarm occurs on the part of ear loop,the mask printing machine  stops operating immediately, which will only cause a maximum of 2 pieces of defective products. Avoid the mask printing machine still operating even when the part of ear loop alarms, resulting in an increase in the defect rate and waste.

4.The ear loop leaks clamping alarm, the knot alarm, the ear loop tension alarm, and the alarm settings for various defective rates are complete.

5. If the operator is familiar with the functionality of the equipment, offline production can be realized, and one person can take care of multiple production lines.

  • Stacking and feeding out unit, can stack the mask as required and feed out automatic.

Company Profile

 We own a subsidiary named Dongguan SYDA Idustrial Robot Co., Ltd. This factory also locates in Dongguan City, established in 2015, possessing a big and beautiful plant. Products of SYDA Robot: N95 type and 3 plys flat type full automatic disposable mask making machines with ultrasonic technology.

In response to the requirements of the state, we have also carried out research on the automation of medical mask related equipment. We have independently developed N95 mask machine, one drag one plane high-speed mask machine and other equipment, which can provide automatic solutions for all mask related equipment such as medical companies, including mask packaging automation production line, mask packaging disinfection automation production line, etc.

Guangdong Province, a key manufacturer of anti-epidemic materials, and one of the only nine mask machine manufacturers.

Our equipment is exported to all over the world, such as South Korea, Canada, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Africa, etc…