Project Description

Disposable Mask Packing Machine

Range of Application 

Suitable for: Mask, Hardware, Biscuit, Cookie, Snow cake, Chocolate, Candy, Moon cake, Mung bean cake, Medicine and other solid, regular shape packaging.

Note : The packing machine can used for both N95 and 3 plys disposable mask .

Function and Characteristic 

  1. The horizontal seal, middle seal and tailstock are all controlled by independent servo motor, with simple mechanical structure and stable operation.
  2. High speed, high precision.
  3. The control system adopts touch screen display, good man-machine interface, simple, intuitive and convenient operation.


Packing Effect


CH-EN Bilingual Touch Screen Control 

Human-machine interface, through the intelligent system to control the machine parameters,then start the machine operation, parameter adjustment is convenient and intelligent.

Cursor Eye

Adopt cursor eye to tracking the film color lump . The tracking accuracy is up to 0.2mm .

Simple Operation Area

Large size touch screen is used to control the machine packaging, convenient operation of packaging speed, temperature and other key parameters.

 Film Rolling Shaft 

Adopt multi linkage film rolling shaft to coordinate the film drawing process, adapt to multi roll film material, pull film smoothly without jamming .

Customized Bag Maker 

The bag shape is formed by folding stainless steel panels on both sides .

Sealing Zone In Hot Pressing

PID temperature control, heating bilateral turntable sealing to seal the back of packaging products .

End Seal Cutting Area

Constant temperature heat sealing cutter can seal the front and rear ends of packaging products . Accurately cut the incision, and seal firmly and aesthetically .



Mask Production Line With Packing Machine

Can connect to mask making machine to be a full production line . It is convenient and save time .

Production Video: