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Machine Info

light decoiler
  • Product Name:Light Decoiler Machine

  • Model Series:  CR

  • Function: Uncoiling of light-duty thin-plate rolls

  • Material width: 0-160 mm

  • Material thickness: 0-1.0 mm

  • Capacity: 100kg, 200kg

  • Standard inner diameter: two types

  • Standard outer diameter: φ800 mm


The light decoiler is suitable for uncoiling metal and non-metal sheet coils. It is supported by a vertical pole, the reducer is directly connected to the motor, and the coupling output structure. It can automatically support the rotation of the coil and control the rotation of the coil. It has the advantages of small footprint, easy installation and debugging, large reduction ratio, stable operation, simple and convenient maintenance, and low failure rate. It is the best choice for light-duty processing production lines.

light decoiler
light decoiler

1. It is suitable for automatic feeding and recoiling of various metal or non-metal sheet coils.
2. It adopts vertical rod support, worm gear deceleration, direct connection of motor, and coupling output structure.
3. Small footprint, large reduction ratio, stable operation.
4. Simple structure, low failure rate and convenient loading.
5. The supporting device has a simple structure and a large adjustable range.
6. Induction mode: vertical induction bracket, 24V induction current control.
7. Micro switch control can be selected, which can be used for waste collection.

Data Table 

Model CR-100 CR-200
Max.Material Width (mm) 160 100
Max.Material Weight (kg) 100 200
Material I.D.φ φ130-φ410 φ200-φ300
Material O.D.φ 800 800
Motor (HP) 1/2HP 1/2HP

Note: We can Customize inner diameter, outer diameter and max load weight.


Copper sheet stamping production line:Light Decoiler Machine + Servo Feeder Machine + Waste Cutting Machine.

The light decoiler is just the simplest type of many decoilers. If you want to learn about other decoilers, you can click on the decoiler to let you fully understand the mystery of the decoiler.