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Motor stator&rotor blanking piece pressing/ stamping production Line is using the high technology combine of gear feeder machine and high speed pressing machine, which the straightener and feeder can be start and work at the same time. It can reach the speed 600T/Min when setting the high speed production line, and is especially suitable for the requirement of large quantity and continuous production in Motor stator&rotor blanking piece industry.


Stator Rotor high speed pressing production line is specially designed for the production for EI coil strip,Motor rotor,silicon steel sheets , which is constitute with Double head decoiler, S type straightener&leveler, Gear Feeder, Double oil feeder machine. First, the silicon steel sheets need to be install in the double head decoiler, and after material being level in the straightener, which will be send to the gear feeder and feeding in high speed program stamping machine. It can basically reduce the influence of changing coil sheets to the pressing productivity and achieve high-speed leveling and accuracy feeding to ensure efficient production of silicon steel sheet.component


The system component of Motor stator&rotor blanking piece pressing/ stamping production Line: consists of  Double head decoiler, S&U type straightener&leveler, Gear Feeder.


1. Gear feeder also means cum feeder, which mainly used with double-head decoiler and S-type straightener, it is suitable for punching products that require high-speed and high-precision feeding.

2. It’s not necessary to adjust feeding stroke. The feeding stroke can only be changed by the gear, and the change of the feeding stroke is completed by the transformation of 1 to 4 gears.

3.The ways of the intermittent feeding driven by the precision cam.

4.The upper roller is pressed by the spring, only the lower roller is driven.

5.The release of the upper and lower rollers can be controlled by the manual switch of the air valve is ok when feeding.

6.The upper and lower rollers are hard chrome-plated , above HRC60.

7.The relaxation device is an eccentric cam, so the relaxation angle can be adjusted freely from 0° to 180°.

8.Can be customized according to different rotation directions of the punching machine shaft.

9.Adopting box structure and compact structure to avoiding deformation.


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GCF High-speed mechanical gear feeders are more suitable for stator and rotor stacking and EI stacking line


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