Project Description

1/ Application of 2 in 1 Straightener and Decoiler

Features of 2 in 1

  1.  using four-point hand wheel precision fine-tuning device, suitable for precision processing products
  2.  This machine adopts Japanese electromagnetic contact cymbal and electronic parts, with long life and less failure.
  3.  material rack and straightening machine, integrated into one, does not occupy space, small size, will simplify the loading operation, reduce the production cost of the necessary machinery
  4.  suitable for all kinds of metal sheet feeding and straightening machine, the effect is good, the advantages are many
  5.  suitable for all kinds of hardware, electronics, electrical appliances, toys, automotive parts, continuous stamping processing, feeding correction, accurate and durable
  6.  the roller is chrome-plated, high precision, very durable

2/ Application of 3 in 1 Straightener and Feeder for HAIER

Features of 3 in 1 straightener and feeder

  1. Specially designed back pressure roller set, suitable for punching, unwinding and feeding of coils with material thickness of 0.6mm~6.0mm and width of 70mm~1600mm.
  2. The material frame is made of four-blade design. The blade curvature is consistent with the inner diameter of the material. The surface of the blade is hard-plated, smooth and wear-resistant. It will not damage the material during use. The inner diameter is expanded by a rotary cylinder and hydraulically expanded. The roll reel adopts a wedge-shaped slider structure and adopts a drum brake to effectively prevent the material from spreading due to the rotational inertia during braking.
  3. The feeding width is adjusted by the two-roller roller with the screw. When the material is discharged, the outer roller of the cylinder lifts the material to avoid the material, and the material is loaded and unloaded.
  4. The correcting roller is made of high-alloy bearing steel and undergoes a series of heat treatments (tempering + high frequency treatment + hard chrome layer), strictly guaranteeing the rigidity of the correcting roller and correcting the surface finish of the roller to ensure the corrective material during the correction process. Surface properties, surface hardness of the correction roller up to HRC60, ensuring high precision and high wear resistance.

3/ Application of 3 in 1 Straightener and Feeder for HAIER