Project Description

Machine Info

Machine Introduction

1. Using the overall lifting and lateral movement of the profile main rod to realize the take-out of materials between the molds;
2. The equipment adopts high-precision AC servo motor and PLC control system to accurately transfer products with punching die and secondary positioning center station;
3. The feeding arm can adopt various forms such as suction cup/electromagnet/claw;
4. It can be used in single station or multi- -station of single press, or it can be pro-duced by multiple presses.

Data Table

Model S2RA-2000/2500/3000
L-R Stroke(mm) 0-2000/0-2500/0-3000
Stroke Accuracy ±0.3
Max.Speed(spm) 12
Max.Single Arm Loading 3

Applicable Materials

Material: iron plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, etc.

Size range of square material

Length: 20mm ~ 350mm
Width: 20mm ~ 250mm

Round material size range

Diameter: ¢ 20 ~ ¢ 250

Maximum weight of a single product: less than 4KG


About 10 ~ 15 pcs / m.

Power supply


Photo Galley

The 3-in-1 NC straightening feeder cooperates with the translation manipulator to achieve the full automation effect. The entire set of automation equipment is our own technology, independent research and development, and independent production. The control system can be seamlessly connected, efficient and stable, avoiding the incompatibility of operating systems of different brands to reduce subsequent maintenance costs.