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model SR8-D1300 SR8-D1600 SR8-D1900 SR8-D2100 SR8-D2500
Horizontal stroke (X) 1300mm 1600mm 1900mm 2100mm 2500mm
A vertical stroke (X) 20-80mm 20-80mm 20-80mm 20-80mm 20-80mm
Transfer accuracy 0.1mm 0.1mm 0.1mm 0.1mm 0.1mm
Feeding way is Vacuum suction cup/magnetic chuck
Drive the introduction Mitsubishi control system + yaskawa servo system

Monomer manipulator SR8 series


Monomer manipulator can be more than one punch links into automated production line, the mechanical arm within different punch mould will stamping precision positioning between mold transfer, thus eliminated the traditional manual handling model, improved the production efficiency but also improve the stability of product quality, avoid artificial involved in handling the production of a variety of factors (including wrong operation, surface scratch, low efficiency, dangerous, etc.).

System composition: punch () by advertisers N + feeding machine (coil machine or piece of machine, the feeder) 1 + single manipulator N + 1 + transit station, N + package product conveyor line of article (1) by advertisers.

Manipulator trajectory for two axis, about the transfer direction and lifting up and down direction.Drive motor for the 2 sets of import Japan yaskawa servo motor, the software for the imported Japanese mitsubishi control system, the slippery course to import Taiwan linear guide of silver.There are three kinds of feeding way is: vacuum adsorption, magnetic chuck and grasp the way; Sensor signals using nearly by photoelectric switch, speed, long life, good anti-jamming performance, high accuracy;Repositioning precision of the system is 0.1 mm; Operation panel with big screen man-machine interface, easy to realize monitoring and operation.

The motion of manipulator process (initial manipulator and press in the origin position) : manipulator X direction left – Z direction down – manipulator picking manipulator, manipulator rise in Z direction, X direction manipulator moves to the right – manipulator Z direction down – feeding manipulator, manipulator rise in Z direction, X direction manipulator left shift back to the origin – punch stamping after a stop at the top dead center.

SYDAR2 180326 (1)SYDAR2 180326 (3)SYDAR2 180326 (4)SYDAR2 180326 (6)SYDAR2 180326 (7)





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