On May 23, 2022, a special video connection was launched between the Thai customer and Henli’s manager. The 8 hydraulic uncoiler machine that Henli customized for the customer were inspected.

Although the material width of the eight uncoilers shipped this time is only 300mm, the material thickness reaches 6.0mm and the material weight reaches 5 tons. For this reason, Henli adopts a hydraulic expansion and contraction structure, equipped with a pneumatic pressing arm, and a quick-change gear A-type iron materials are used, and 4 of them are equipped with loading trolleys. The trolleys are used to facilitate the operator to place materials on the shelves, and to achieve rapid roll change without causing damage to the material racks.

Affected by the epidemic, Thai customers cannot go to the Henli factory to inspect the equipment. In order to ensure that the production and manufacture of the 8 hydraulic decoilers meet the needs of customers, Henli cooperated with the engineering department to adopt a video connection acceptance method.

After nearly 1 day of video connection, the video connection acceptance has achieved the expected effect. The Thai customer said that the 8 hydraulic uncoiler machine has passed the acceptance and can be packed and shipped.