The NC servo feeders shipped this time include 4 NC-200 models, 2 NC-300 models and 1 NC-400 model. The Henli factory is undergoing pre-delivery quality inspection and will be shipped to Australia by sea.

NC servo feeder is a common model for automatic coil conveying. In the production process, it is mainly used for feeding various metal sheets and non-metal sheets, and is especially suitable for use with various punching machines, shearing machines, forming machines and laser cutting machines.

I believe that many people are still not clear about the specific characteristics of the NC servo feeder? What is the function? Why is it so popular?

1. Wide range of application, all kinds of wide and thick plates can be used

2. Simple operation, good feeding accuracy and high stability

3. Low failure rate, easy maintenance and maintenance

The NC servo feeder is favored for its unique performance advantages, which is why more and more punching machines choose to match it. As a professional manufacturer of NC servo feeders, Henli welcomes all customers to visit the factory.