face mask making (printing) machine testing

Today, a customer from Qingdao came to our factory. The masks he made were exported to the Japanese government. He ordered 2pcs 1+1 type high-speed servo earloop welding machines.

Previously, because China’s transformation of mask companies were looting equipment, he bought a lot of semi-automatic equipment, such as welding earloop machines. Now his company still has more than 30 earloop machines, but the number of masks cannot keep up. He asked if we could sell him another high-speed maskbody printing machine, requiring more than 250 pieces. I said that our company is all fully automatic equipment, and has not sold semi-automatic equipment yet. Under his strong request, our company took a maskbody printing machine to test his speed, and it ran smoothly to 250 pcs.

He was surprised by our technical strength. I told him that as long as we replace a motor and ultrasonic, 600 pieces per minute will be no problem. So this Qingdao customer did not hesitate to buy another maskbody printing machine. This is the first time our company has sold semi-automatic mask equipment alone.

Here is the test video: