In metal products manufacturing industry , one important way for production is mould stamping . By stamping methods , will need press and mould punching the metal material to make the part . For various products , the metals specifications different . Sometimes it is just a piece of metal sheet , sometimes is a coil when using progress dies . In modern manufacturing , efficiency and safety is very important . So there are many kinds of machines/equipment help to carry out .

When using the metal coil materials , how to make it feeding to the press continuously and efficiently ? Actually the first question should be how to handling so heavy coil , and also need to ensure it not being spread to others directions . We need something to move coil , hold it , and make it spread as what we want . Henli machinery provide various de-coilers for different use . The decoiler , or you can call you uncoiler , it has diameter adjustable spindles to keep the coil rotating and feeding . There are holding arms to make sure it not spread out or tip over . Sometimes , the coil is heavy and not easily move to the decoiler spindles , then we can use coil car to help us . The hydraulic coil car/trolley , can driving in and out , up and down to load or unload the coil .

If the product have profile flatness requirements , then a straightener / lever is necessary . As there are so many kinds of metal materials , also the width and thickness different . So it is better to know which type or specification straightener is suit for your production line .
Feeder helping the coil feeding in a required speed , you can visit henli website to view more details .