For Made in China 2025, To reach manufacture automation, Industrial robot arm are in a big market, robots for front-line workers will result in a large number of workers being laid off, and for enterprises, higher profits can be obtained on the basis of applying advanced technologies. In most cases robots are beneficial to workers

  1. Widely used: Can be used for spraying, grinding, polishing, handling, loading and unloading, welding, sheet metal stamping, bending and other industries, have a high degree of freedom, 6 axis, suitable for almost any trajectory or angle of work, many unsuitable Complicated work done by humans and harmful to health.
  1. Mature technology: humanized body design, rationalization of application design, free programming, complete automation, improved productivity, controllable error rate
  1. Quality Assurance: Strict management of suppliers of core parts; strict requirements on parts processing technology
  1. Complete specifications: robot load from 3kg to 200kg, can meet the needs of customer applications
  1. Use diversity: a robot can be used in multiple work areas, without restriction
  1. Service Commitment: 1-year warranty, lifetime worry-free after sales

The advantages of the 6-axis articulated robot are greater than the determination. If your company’s funds are sufficient, you can still consider using the 6 axis articulated robot to replace the artificial one!