At present, the shearing machine on the market basically adopts manual feeding by employees, and relies on the foot switch to control the shearing material, so that the cut products are straight strips, which not only has low production efficiency and poor safety. Moreover, since only the rectangular sheet material can be cut, it is difficult to cut the coil material so that one piece of material is wasted every time a rectangular sheet material is cut, which greatly increases the manufacturing cost of the sheared product, and manually controls the shear feed. Working with the shearing machine results in low shear accuracy and poor quality of the finished product.

The use of the leveling feeder with the shearing machine fundamentally solves these problems. The leveling feeder is combined with shearing machine and a heavy-duty decoiler for placing the coils at the front end to form an automated shearing line.

The leveling feeder with the shearing machine has the following six advantages over the traditional manual feeding and shearing production:

  1. The production line of it is compact and reasonable, and the occupied space is small, which saves the space for the original sheet material stacking and the space occupied during production and processing.
  2. It has a high degree of automation and low labor intensity, which truly liberates the labor force and saves labor costs.
  3. It has a variety of feeding methods, which can be used for sleeve cutting and oblique opening, which can maximize the utilization of the residual material at the edge of the coil and the two ends, greatly improving the utilization rate of materials and the cost of production materials. Save at least 15%.
  4. It has an independent adjustment handle for the shearing test machine of the production line, which not only improves the efficiency of production but also ensures the safety of shear production.
  5. High feeding precision and good quality of shearing finished products. The leveling feeder uses an optimized electronic control system consisting of PLC, touch screen, servo motor and driver. The feeding roller is driven by the servo motor to achieve the feeding action. The feeding precision is up to 0.05mm. There is also an automatic correction error function after feeding to ensure the accuracy of the feed shear.
  6. This type of leveling feeder with the shearing machine is easy to operate and debug, suitable for diversified processing needs. The operation of the automatic cutting production line only needs to be simple setting on the touch screen of the leveling feeder, which is quick and convenient, and can set multi-stage cutting according to requirements to meet the needs of diversified and efficient production.