3 in 1 is Decoiler, straightener and feeder compact in 1 machine.

3 in 1 coil feeder is one space saver, automatic feed to power press, shearing, cutter. It can feed sheet metal coils material thickness up to 6.0 mm, max feeding speed 16m/mins, Which achieve ±0.1 mm feeding precision by using Yaskawa servo system and Mitsubishi PLC, There are 2 contacts left for power press, one for feeding ,one for release. It could suitable for cross shaft power press, C Frame power press, two point frame power press…

For it peripheral equipment has oil lubrication for stamping product,material outlet plate(could customization) for the gap between 3 in 1 feeder and power press

Standard accessory:

  • Electric loop control system(Auto control uncoiling)
  • Outging category to 0assist and support the material(fix the gap between feeder and power press)
  • Press arms device(prevent coil spread )
  • Feeding line easily adjusts by advance worm gear screw jacks device(Feeding height adjust)
  • Uncoiler-inverter device(speed control )
  • reference indicator adjuster(straightener or feed offset control )
  • The uncoiler contain the brakes by air conpressor(prevent inertia)
  • Threading tables device(support the coils before in straighten and feeding)
  • Coil tip flattness device(Help the very beginning of coil in straighten)
  • Coil side guide(feed straighten offset)

For it optional equipment:

  • Coil cars it’s not easy to load the coils on spindle, when coils reach 10 tones above will be harder, In order to make it easy and simple it’s better having a coil car for loading
  • For those who got to change mold frequently it’s better to have a electric heright ajust, which will gives more flexible to the mold.