The 3 in 1 servo feeder is one of the leading and pillar products of HENLI. It has 15 years of independent design, R&D and manufacturing history. Due to its many styles, complete specifications and wide application, it is well recognized by users. And it has been successfully applied in the production practice of various materials such as aluminum, copper and steel.
The 3 in 1 servo feeder specifications of the three-in-one feeder can meet the requirements of materials with a width of 50-1200mm and a thickness of 0.3~6.0. Each unit of the unit has various forms, and the user can combine according to actual conditions. The products now cover major domestic markets and are exported to India, Malaysia, Russia and other countries.
The working principle of the 3 in 1 servo feeder is a peripheral feeding system consisting of a material frame, a straightening machine and a feeder. It can be said to be the most advanced machine in the peripheral equipment series of punching machine. It is a feeding system that integrates the functions of three common models into one body by digital technology. The working principle is combined by the following parts.
So, what are the advantages of the 3 in 1 servo feeder? We will analyze it from four parts: decoiling, feeding, leveling. head.

1. decoiling:
It adopts hydraulic expansion system, which automatically tensions and relaxes materials, has high reliability and low labor intensity. The pressure arm adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and one-way clutch transmission, so that the material will not be loose. The material is discharged by photoelectric sensing system. The feeding guide rail adopts pneumatic lifting material, and a pneumatic feeding plate pressing device is arranged at the feeding port, and the material head is pressed down to be automatically fed into the leveling machine.
2, feeding:
It adopts imported servo motor, worm gear reducer, metal bellows coupling, no transmission clearance, no corner error, and the upper and lower feed rollers adopt a gapless rotation structure. At the same time, the encoder is used to control the feeding precision, and the automatic compensation is provided when the delivery is small, the feeding is accurate, and the error is extremely low.
3. Leveling:
It adopts high-frequency quenching and hard chrome plating of rolling bearing steel. The surface hard plating can reach more than 60 degrees. There is an adjustable reinforcing device in the middle of the roller to increase the rigidity of the roller. The upper roller adopts a 2-point fine-tuning structure and uses a worm gear. Adjust the amount of pressing, light and labor-saving precision, and the loose part adopts the pneumatic arm linkage mechanism, which has high flexibility and self-locking. The flattening and relaxation adopts the eccentric structure, and the electrical signal given by the punching machine relaxes and presses the powerful guiding material accurately.