HENLI MACHINERY has more than 15 years’ field experience and is a mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating independent research,design,manfacture,sales and service.

All HENLI products have their own design and structure, especially the 3-in-1 automatic feeder, and will not stop updating. Because technology is developing, manufacturing cannot escape.

Due to the development of stamping automation, the processing and production of thick plate stamping parts has gradually been completed by automated production line equipment. In the past, most of the coil feeding line used a separately structure: the hydraulic heavy-duty decoiler was used to complete the loading coil and unloading ; Use a thick plate straightener to finish the coil sheet to eliminate internal stress, use a thick plate NC feeder to complete the feeding, to complete the coil feeding line for the production of thick plate stamping parts in this way.

However, this production line structure not only has many equipment, complicated process flow, large space occupation, but also very complicated operation (requires many people to assist loading, feeding, and operation), and requires a long debugging time

And because of the poor synchronization of the layout of the straightener and feeder, cause that the straightening and feeding precision can not meet the standard requirements..

My Singapore’s customer also meet the same situation, so in order to keep up with the step of industrial development, he hoped that we could provide him with a fully automated solution

Our technical team designs solutions based on the specific requirements and actual conditions of customers, and customizes models for customers based on our standard three-in-one models. Provide the initial plan to the customer for confirmation, then customer placed the PO, and it took 25 working days from the start of production to the completion of production.

Due to some special circumstances, the customer picked up the goods last week.

Please check the below picture to see the difference of our standard type:

Let me explain the highlights of the machine with the above picture:

Decoiling part of 3 in 1 servo feeder:

This part is composed of a welded frame and a hydraulic expansion- contraction reel. The blade design is added to ensure that there is no gap in the expansion cylinder when it is opened, stable and durable, and equipped with hydraulic expansion and frequency adjustment. The connecting block of the core-expanding mechanism has an anti-loose design, and the decoiler has a core expansion positioning function, which realizes the repeated positioning of the coil when the coil is changed.

Servo feeding device of 3 in 1 servo feeder:

The servo feeder is equipped with the middle-adjustment mechanism of the inlet and outlet, which is easy to operate, replace and maintain. The misfeed detection device-detectable feed length-the feed length all can be set on the touch screen as needed.

Automatic leveling device of 3 in 1 servo feeder:

The leveler is integrated with the feeder into one(2 in 1), driven by a YASKAWA servo motor; the gap between the upper and lower rollers is adjustable and the gap value is displayed (a customized leveling performance reference table is provided and pasted on the machine). After leveling, there is no indentation on the surface of the sheet, and there will be no wave and undulation after the material is leveled.

The leveling roller transmission gear set of the leveling machine has a good lubrication point design, and the daily lubrication inspection become convenient and easy.

If more details you want please don’t hesitate to ask me. It’s my pleasure if I can help you.