The 3 in 1 coil feed line can greatly improve the automation, production efficiency and precision of stamping production, changing the previous situation that large wide and thick plates can only be fed manually. The new model enables stamping production to realize automatic coil production, while greatly improving the safety of stamping production and reducing the labor intensity of workers, so it is favored by more and more stamping customers.

Before the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries that have been using German and Japanese equipment, more and more Chinese 3 in 1 coil feed line have been chosen. This also shows that the 3 in 1 coil feed line produced in China has been internationally recognized.

Good equipment will have a good market. As Henli’s brand reputation in the international market is getting higher and higher, in early May, a new customer in the United States ordered a set of 3 in 1 coil feed line. And officially shipped in June, shipped to the United States.