On Sunday, the customized MT-1600 hydraulic decoiler machine was packed and ready to be shipped to the customer’s factory. Unlike Henli’s standard range of hydraulic decoiler machine, it is a custom hydraulic uncoiler with an automatic feeding trolley device, with a coil outer diameter of up to 2000mm and a load capacity of up to 7 tons.

The MT-1600 hydraulic decoiler machine shipped this time has a wedge-shaped hydraulic expansion and contraction structure designed by Henli for its expansion and contraction spindle. The wedge-shaped expansion and contraction structure not only has strong bearing capacity, but also has safe operation and stable performance, which improves the service life of the equipment.

In addition, the hydraulic decoiler machine is equipped with a hydraulic loading trolley for fast coil loading. It can load steel coils with a material width of 1600mm and an outer diameter of 2000mm without safety risks. Then the trolley is lifted up and down by the hydraulic cylinder, and it moves smoothly through the control of the pressure-retaining valve.

The electrical control system of the hydraulic decoiler machine is equipped with Schneider circuit breakers for safety circuit protection. Then the Shihlin frequency converter is controlled by variable speed to reduce the jitter and deformation of the discharging material, and the uncoiling speed is 0-20m/min, which can be adjusted according to its own needs.