After 2 days of intense installation, commissioning and mold testing, the 1300 thick plate press feed line purchased by the Austrian customer from Henli successfully passed the inspection and is ready to be shipped to Austria by sea.

Because as early as 5 years ago, an Austrian customer purchased a 1000-wide sheet three-in-one feeder. To their delight, the machine has been running very stably for several years, with basically no faults, a high degree of automation, and good leveling and feeding accuracy.

It can be seen that Henli’s three-in-one feeder technology is very good, and there is basically no failure in continuous use for 5 years. This is a real increase in the efficiency of the customer’s factory.

After continuous testing of the 1300 thick plate press feed line, the degree of automation, leveling and feeding accuracy, stability, and product quality of this machine have all met the needs of customers, and we look forward to customer feedback.