Lately we got several orders of 1+1 type full automatic servo plane mask machine, both domestic market and foreign market. Why this kind of mask machine more popular than 1+2 type full automatic plane mask machine? Will let you know later haha. Now please allow me to introduce some main performance characteristics of 1+1 type full automatic servo plane mask machine.

(1).1+1 type full automatic servo plane mask machine,the PLC control system is used to load the materials from the coil, fold and press, load the nose bridge, ultrasonic welding, mask forming, mask cutting, ear strap feeding and welding, and finished product blanking. Efficient.

(2). Intelligent control platform, man-machine interface parameter setting is convenient and fast, operation is simple and easy to learn, one person can operate multiple units to work at the same time.

(3). High production stability, low failure rate and small footprint.

(4). When the coiled material and the bridge of the nose are short of material, the photoelectric (optical fiber) detects the raw material and automatically stops to avoid waste.

(5). The ear band realizes automatic welding by ultrasonic wave. Welding ear belt machine adopts 8 servo bus control, stable and high speed. Kindly know that the earloop type is outer earloop welding.

(6). The number of finished product stacking parameters can be set to meet different packaging needs.

  • Main technical specs
Model 1+1 type full automatic servo plane mask machine
Production speed 80 – 100 pcs/min(1+1)
Mask size (L)175mm  X  (W)95mm
Non-woven width 200mm
Related materials Non-woven fabric, filter cloth, nose bridge, ear strap
Mask type Outer earloop
Stacking number Can be set
Rated power 10.5KW
Ultrasonic frequency 20KHz
Compressed air 5-6kg/cm²,use traffic about 300L/min
Power supply 220V,50Hz
Dimensions (L)4700X(W)3500X(H)2000mm
Weight Approx 1300kg

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