Due to the comprehensive upgrade of equipment performance, technology and service, the export sales of HENLI’s various types of coil  feeding line(for press) increased significantly.

Just on February 15, 2022, more than 10 sets of NC servo feeder equipment were loaded and sent to Indonesia, which is our regular customers re-orders in batches again and again.

The 8 sets of NC servo feeder equipment exported in this batch are upgraded products customized by HENLI according to the production needs of customers. The specific highlights are as follows:

  1. Upgrade & strengthen key components such as feeding rollers, gears, outside frame, etc., so that the core components have higher reliability and longer service life.
  2. Optimize the frame structure of the whole machine and the layout of the power transmission system, in order to make the power of the feeder is more sufficient, and make the vibration become smaller, and the stability is better.
  3. Optimize the electronic control system program and button layout of the control panel, so that the control way of the NC servo feeder is better matches the operating habits of Indonesian workers.

Each time we received the re-order from the customer also means that the production volume and sales volume of the customer are increasing day by day, so that the demand for HENLI’s automatic feeding equipment of press is constantly increasing. We are all very proud of that.